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Choosing Chef Knives and Knife Case by Russell Todd Posted Thu 12 Jul 2012 2:43pm Whether you’re a chef or a culinary student, you will have to know about the knife types and design. Depending on your own requirements, you should choose the knife that you need. The knife design might change starting from tan to blade to curved blade and so on. However, you need to know that chef knives come in two varieties- folding and fixed. ... Read on »
Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife: What's the difference? by Dr. Brian M. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Posted Thu 07 Oct 2010 4:17am This is a guest post by Amanda who writes on behalf of the San Diego Gamma Knife Center , a shared resource for the San Diego neurosurgical and radiation oncology community. Gamma Knife surgery has become one of the most popular and extensively tested types of what is known as “stereotactic radiosurgery”, or SRS. SRS (as depicted in the acco ... Read on »
Knife reality check - Should you carry a knife for personal protection? by Vee Arnis JuJitsu, NJ Posted Sun 24 Oct 2010 4:22pm The Bayonne Knife For Life Group says YES! The utilization of a knife to defend against assault and harm is practical and reasonable, as long as the trained individual carrying the knife understands that once pulled out for use it becomes either a deterrent to the attacker long enough for us seize the opportunity to escape; or a tool to increa ... Read on »
CyberKnife Robotic Device Used For Targeted Cancer Tumor Radiation Treatment by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 23 Mar 2011 11:59pm The CyberKnife robot is able to move around and hit specific targets to kill the tumors.  The doctor states that it doesn’t work for all types of cancer, but it destroys the DNA of the cells.  If the target is defined and localized it’s a great tool but cancer is not always localized.  It can be used with other treatments such as chemotherapy. ... Read on »
The Gamma Knife by Kirk Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Jun 2009 5:07pm Gamma Knife for the Treatment of Epilepsy. I recently attended the 62nd Annual meeting of the Eastern Association of Electroencephalographers. One of the very interesting talks was given on the use of the gamma knife for the treatment of seizures. "Gamma knife", sounds futuristic, right? Well, this technology was actually developed by Lars Le ... Read on »
Super Bread Knife by Ben H. Patient Expert Posted Fri 28 Aug 2009 5:53pm Several months ago I wrote about a chopping knife that I received from New West KnifeWorks. That knife is sitll one of my favorites in the kitchen for its versatility and great quality. So I was very pleased to receive a second knife from them. This time it was their newly realeased Fusionwood Super Bread Knife. If you read ... Read on »
Kyocera Ceramic Knife + Peeler, 2 Sets :: Holiday Giveaway by Ingrid .. Patient Expert Posted Tue 15 Dec 2009 11:54pm The 2nd Annual Holiday Giveaway continues…. Knives, an absolute kitchen necessity. Having a collection of good quality cutlery is a must. Traditional steel cutlery is a general staple but have you tried ceramic knives? They are a pleasure to use and have some advantages over stainless steel knives. ... Read on »
Thank You ~ My Amazing New Shun Knife by Kim Patient Expert Posted Thu 14 Jan 2010 3:56pm In December one of my favorite blogs was having a Holiday Giveaway. Brian, from Fire and Salt, contacted several companies to participate. These companies generously donated some very cool items to be given away. I entered to win and unbelievably did win. I won an incredible Shun knife, courtesy of Kai USA. To be completely honest with you I ... Read on »
Try It: A Really Good Knife by Nutritionista Posted Tue 27 Apr 2010 10:30am I asked you guys which kitchen goodie to get — wok, cast-iron skillet, or a good knife — and lots of you weighed in (THANKS!). But one choice seemed to get more backing than the others, and it just made sense: A GOOD KNIFE. You guys gave me lots of recs for brands, but one seemed to stand out in the crowd. Wusthof has a great reputatio ... Read on »
Douglas Quikut 4859 Ginsu 5 Piece Stainless Knife Prep Set Natural by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional Posted Wed 25 Aug 2010 3:42pm Douglas Quikut 4859 Ginsu 5 Piece Stainless Knife Prep Set Natural 5 Pc Stainless Prep Set 1 Star Useable… but low quality These knives arrived quickly, however, rather than having 4 unique knives, like the product description said, there was a dup ... Read on »