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Infertility Terms - making sense of the jargon ! by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Posted Mon 06 Apr 2009 11:44pm All this may be TMI, but if you need to talk to your GYN, or help your DH make sense of what your RE is saying, this is a useful crib sheet ! This is from the book How to Have a Baby: Overcoming Infertility by Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, MD and Dr. Anjali Malpani, MD. Abortion: the medical term for miscarriage. The various types include: ... Read on »
Abbreviations Used in the world of Infertility, Surrogacy and Egg Donation by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook Posted Tue 21 Oct 2008 12:20am      I thought that since we all use abbreviations in the world of Infertility, Surrogacy and Egg Donation I would post a partial list here. Yes, it is PARTIAL! If you have anything to add, I would be more then happy to do so. 2WW = 2-Week Wait AF = Aunt Flo (menstruation) AH, AZH = Assisted Hatching AHI = At-home Inseminati ... Read on »
HPT/Axis, Inc. Awarded “Most Promising Life Science Technology Company” at 2010 Rice Alliance Life Science Venture F by Nelson V. Patient Expert Posted Mon 28 Jun 2010 12:00am This company is seeking to get approval of a drug protocol that will speed up the normalization of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonadal  (HPG) Axis after long term use of anabolic steroids or testosterone for medical or non medical uses.  Cessation of anabolics or testosterone replacement causes androgen -induced hypogonadism that can negatively ... Read on »
Polycythemia, Anabolic Steroids and HIV Wasting by Nelson V. Patient Expert Posted Thu 18 Dec 2008 7:28pm Some HIV positive people need to gain lean body mass and weight but develop polycythemia when using nandrolone or other anabolics, so their doctors refuse to prescribe these important medicines. Polycythemia is an increase in red blood cells and hematocrit that can cause increased blood viscosity, making it more difficult for the heart to pump b ... Read on »
The gluten free diet and weight loss by JoAnn .. Facebook Posted Sat 27 Dec 2008 12:00am It's been pointed out to me recently that gluten free flours, although they do not cause harm to my innards in the way that wheat flour would, still contain significant levels of carbohydrates and calories and will NOT be helpful in the pursuit of a skinnier me. In other words, gluten free pastas and breads, etc., should not be mainstays of you ... Read on »
Sitruunarisottotäytteinen mustekala by Maria L. Posted Tue 12 Jan 2010 12:00am Nyt on minunkin pakko osallistua ruokahaasteeseen kun on niin mieluinen aihe! Sydneyssä on saatavilla tuoretta kalaa, äyriäisiä, nilviäisiä ja kaikenlaisia mereneläviä merituoreena ympäri vuoden ja tämä luo tietenkin houkuttelevat puitteet kyseisten raaka-aineiden hyödyntämiseen. Sitruunarisottolla täytetyn mustekalan ohjeen muistan lukeneen ... Read on »
Real Madrid jalkapallo pelipaidat -Portugali uudelleen vahinkoa ei ole varaa! by wangw21 Posted Mon 23 Jun 2014 1:54am Portugali World Cup keskitetystä nyt, painajainen on "lihas." Pepe ja Real Madrid C Ronaldo on myöhään kausi alkaa vammoja kehossa. Toisen maailmansodan jälkeen, ensimmäinen peli ja menetti Patricio, Hugo Almeida Lapset jalkapallo pelipaidat Coentrao, joka Coentrao on jäähyväiset World Cup. Ja harjoittelujakson aikana valmistautua taisteluun ... Read on »
Tomboys & Angels Fashion Show by Connie De Alwis Posted Tue 23 Dec 2008 12:00am Last Saturday was slightly more eventful than usual. Kahani from So Loverly asked if anyone wanted to help out with the makeup for a fashion show and *shoots hand up* I volunteered, although I was still rather clueless. "The Annexe Gallery presents TOMBOYS & ANGELS, a fashion show that celebrates gender diversity and outrageous individual e ... Read on »
Mothers Day by Barbie Posted Mon 10 May 2010 8:58am I want to start by saying Happy Mothers day to some wonderful bloggers like AYWH , GMIH , Jill and LH celebrating Mothers Day yesterday with their beautiful babies in their arms. Happy Mothers Day to Sew , Thankful and Lim with their babies growing in their tummies.... Happy Mothers Day to Mothers who have lost babies..... Anne , Allie JBT ... Read on »
The Dr. Is In: Taking the Mystery Out of Vitamin B-12 by Gena Patient Expert Posted Wed 10 Aug 2011 2:13pm OK, first of all: absolutely fantastic responses to Courtney and Sarah’s thoughtful and illuminating guest post ! This was a departure from the usual Green Recovery story, to be sure, but I think it was one of the strongest entries so far. I appreciate all the comments. The post has also inspired me to write a post I’ve been meaning to w ... Read on »