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Ways To Pay For Elder Care by CK Wilde Health Maven Posted Tue 24 Aug 2010 11:22am In a matter of seconds, terror had drained the color from my father’s gaunt face. I had no idea that my question would frighten him. “Dad, you need help around the house. Why won’t you hire someone to help you?” I pressed him not willing to take no for an answer. “Because I’m afraid I’ll run out of money!” his voice waivered. “Oh… ... Read on »
Why I Write About Growing Old by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Mon 03 Oct 2011 8:30am On Saturday, I posted one photograph with a link to more of elders who are at least 100 years old. The goal of the photographer is to show the beauty in age, and the reason it is necessary for some people to occasionally take on such a project is that most cultures abhor aging. From the cradle we are bombarded with images, words and ideas ... Read on »
Elder Media: For Women Only? Dumb Ones? by Ronni B. Patient Expert Posted Tue 24 Apr 2012 12:30pm As Crabby Old Lady has written here in the past, the largest impetus behiind this blog was the fact that after seven or eight years of diving deep into available research on aging and what it would be like for her to get old, there was nothing to be found that had anything positive to say. It was all about disease, decline and debility. W ... Read on »
Golden Living Health Partners with Microsoft HealthVault and Amalga – Senior HealthCare by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 02 Dec 2009 11:06am As the first post-acute care organization to adopt Microsoft Amalga, Golden Living will integrate patient care across its own businesses, including skilled nursing, long-term care, rehabilitation therapy, assisted living, home health and hospice, so that a patient's health information follows them as they move from one care setting to another. ... Read on »
SENIOR PETS, DOG BITES, AND SERVICE DOGS.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Posted Sun 12 Dec 2010 12:00am It has been uncommonly warm here in the mountain country of northern Arizona.  In fact, the National Weather Service is suggesting that Flagstaff might not have snow on the ground for Christmas day.  That would be unusual since Flagstaff is among the leading cities in the USA for the highest chance of having a white Christmas. About ... Read on »
5 Cool Ways Health Clubs are Shrinking Seniors’ Waistlines by Anthony Cirillo Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Mon 23 Jul 2012 9:00am Guest post by David Roddenberry.   David Roddenberry is co-founder of HealthyWage, ( ), the only company that pays Americans cash to lose weight while offering social and expert-based support, tools and resources, and goal-setting and tracking technologies to address our nation’s o ... Read on »
NIH Senior Health Site Offers Tips on Creating a Family Health History by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Sun 25 Jul 2010 3:25pm At your next family reunion or gathering, consider discussing a different type of family treethe family health history. Find out how to collect, organize and use information about your family’s health at Creating a Family Health History ( ), the newest topic on th ... Read on »
Can Socialization Improve Health In Seniors? by Gary S. Posted Tue 05 Jan 2010 11:29am A number of studies have shown how socialization can actually improve the health and lower medical needs for seniors. Overall health was seen to be higher and the need for services from home health companies and assistant living was minimized with good socialization. These studies show that seniors having social connections through family ... Read on »
Preventing Elder Abuse: 5 Actions That Could Make A Difference. by Dr. Mike Magee Medical Doctor Posted Sat 03 Aug 2013 10:01pm Posted on | July 31, 2013 | In  2012 the Institute of Medicine convened a forum on global violence. In the report they noted that, “Although little discussion took place regarding violence against the elderly, some elements of the framework could apply to elder abuse.”(1) It should be no surprise to anyone that the c ... Read on »
Senior Health - About Anxiety Disorders - 33 Frequently Asked Questions And Answers by Karen Bastille Health Maven Posted Mon 13 Dec 2010 2:19pm NIH Senior Health 1. How is an anxiety disorder different from just feeling anxious or worried? If you have an anxiety disorder, worry or fear becomes long-term and may get worse instead of better as time goes on. Doctors and older adults tend to view anxiety and fear as normal given the circumstances of aging. But ... Read on »