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New shoe review – Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6 by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Thu 18 Jun 2009 12:19am I recently bought a new pair of shoes which means it’s time to retire the “old” ones. Here is a quick review of what I thought about my retired friends. Shoe Reveiw : Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6 Size: shoe size 11.5 usa, 45.5 Euro, 10.5 UK, 29.5 cm Cost: $98 (US) Bought: July 3, [...] Filed under: Equipment Review, Joggling | 4 ... Read on »
Adrenaline Rush by Academic Crossroads .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 23 Jan 2009 6:16pm Seriously, there are times I think I can take over the world. When my adrenaline really gets flowing, I feel like I can be superhuman. However, the adrenaline crash cannot be denied. However, at least I can say the last 24 hours have been very productive! Read on »
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10: Running Shoes Review by sdrunner Posted Sun 20 Dec 2009 10:21pm The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 won Runner’s World “Best Update” award in the Winter 2010 Shoe Guide in its December 2009 issue. Read on to find out why.. As part of the Brooks I.D. (Inspire Daily) sponsored athlete program, I am required to race and train in Brooks gear and apparel. But I also enjoy a 40% discount on said products, so i ... Read on »
That Pumping Adrenaline by maeflye Posted Wed 12 Apr 2006 12:00am We have a new washer and dryer and so Bart asked that nobody use them. Before there were several doing their own laundry, but Bart offered to do it for them so as not to chance having something happen to the machines. At 4:00 this morning the dryer was on. When I went downstairs, Rand and John had done 3 loads of laundry after 9:30, mean ... Read on »
Running shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8 by Sarah Trejo Patient Expert Posted Tue 16 Jun 2009 12:21am I fell in love with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8 back in February when I went to Sports Basement. I was graduating from the Ariel down to the Adrenaline due to my awesome orthotics. Right around that time, I found out that Courtenay and Loren were also fans of this shoe, with the one caveat: they didn't seem to last as long as other shoes. ... Read on »
I hate the new Brooks Adrenalines by Kevin L. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Feb 2010 1:51pm Let me start this post about saying this: I am ending my relationship with Brooks Adrenaline. There. I hate the new models. Hate. Hate. Hate. I loved the GT9s. I hate the GT10s. Hate. I know. Hate is a strong word. But I hate themand more importantlymy body hates them. Seelast Sundayon Jan. 31after I just felt like trash during a 10- ... Read on »
My new old Adrenalines coming Friday by Kevin L. Patient Expert Posted Wed 10 Feb 2010 6:45pm Did the whole UPS tracking thing to find out when my Adrenaline 9s will should be arriving. Friday. Woohooo. Just in time to run the Austin Half Marathon on Sunday. Ohthat's rightI don't think I've said much about when my next race is. It's Sunday. A half marathon. A much hillier course than the 3M Half Marathon I ran last month. SoI dont expe ... Read on »
too much adrenaline? by Tonia B. Posted Mon 14 Jun 2010 4:59am This weekend's 17.75K was the first race I ever ran that I fully intended on NOT RACING. I went in unstressed, excited but not anxious, relaxed. Or so I thought. When I later got the chance to look over my splits, I noticed an interesting statistic. G , MCM Mama and I hit the first mile marker in 9:58, a rather conservative pace for me. When ... Read on »
Adrenaline Rush by April Posted Thu 16 Sep 2010 2:51pm Hello! Today was a pretty good day. This whole week is actually a lot more laid back then last weeks.. or next weeks for sure. I have off tomorrow (Friday) and start my new job at the home for mentally fragile kids on Saturday and Sunday. Then I have Monday off.. sweet! Only problem is my job is from 2-10 pm, and usually I’m in bed by 9! Ha ... Read on »
A List of High Adrenaline Sports by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Sat 16 Oct 2010 5:44am Introduction I'm sure you must have heard of the "Fight or Flight Approach" in modern psychology. If you haven't, then it merely talks about how one reacts when confronted with a threat. In assessing this threat (or moment of stress!), one can either decide to run away or stand up for him or herself, and since this is ... Read on »