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Autism Risk and low birth weight newborns by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Wed 19 Oct 2011 12:49pm A recent article in the journal Pediatrics has gathered a lot of news coverage this week. Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adolescents Born Weighing<2000 Grams Here is the abstract: Objective: To estimate the diagnostic prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in a low birth weight (LBW) cohort. Metho ... Read on »
Prevalence Rates of Autism Spectrum Disorders Among the Old Order Amish by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Mon 17 May 2010 2:48pm One of the topics that comes up over and over online is “The Amish don’t vaccinate” and “the Amish don’t have autism”. Both statements are incorrect. The Amish have no religious prohibition against vaccination and they do have autism. The question of autism amongst the Amish has been studied and is being presen ... Read on »
Adult Outcomes in Autism: A Prospective Longitudinal Examination of the Effects of Early Intensive Intervention: A 20 Year Follo by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Thu 17 May 2012 8:37pm It’s been over 25 years since Ivar Lovaas published a study on Applied Behavioral Analysis which would made ABA therapy (for good or bad, you can find vocal proponents of both opinions) the “gold standard” for young autistic children. Now, some of the children who participated in the early studies and ABA programs are adults. Bryna Sieg ... Read on »
The Autism Diagnostic Observatio ... by Nestor L. Doctor of Philosophy Posted Thu 12 Nov 2009 10:52am The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (The ADOS) is a diagnostic instrument that was created by the University of Michigan Professor Dr. Kathy Lord. During the last 2 decades, the ADOS has become the most accepted diagnostic tool for autism spectrum disorders. The ADOS has 4 different overlapping ‘versions’ (or modules) that were designed ... Read on »
Parenting through special education by Real IN Moms .. Patient Expert Posted Fri 25 Sep 2009 10:33pm from Forbes : It's a typical summer morning for Maureen Blasko, an associate director at Ernst & Young's Washington, D.C., office. While she helps her 8-year-old twins get ready for the day, her husband makes their lunches and shuffles them out the door--one is off to golf camp; the other to figure skating. Katie, her eldest, is 15. From bi ... Read on »
Autism Disorders and Intellectual Disability: Claim that 75-80% of Persons with Autistic Disorder are Intellectually Disabled i by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Mon 03 May 2010 2:41am As I mentioned in my previous post Alan Griswold of Autistic Aphorisms is one of those comfortable with speculation that Jesus Christ may have been autistic but is not comfortable with the fact that many persons with Autistic Disorder are Intellectually Disabled.  Mr. Griswold and Astrid at at  Astrid's Journal disagree with my numerical referenc ... Read on »
Autism Diagnoses: DSM V Should Separate Autistic Disorder from Aspergers and HFA by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Tue 12 May 2009 3:23pm 3 Comments There are two major problems with the current DSM categorisation of Pervasive Developmental, or Autism Spectrum, Disorders. One is the lack of any relevant distinction between Aspergers Disorder and those with higher functioning PDD -NOS and autistic disorders. The other DSM problem which generates much unnecessary conflict is the inclusio ... Read on »
ASAN Invites Autistic College Students to Autism Campus Inclusion Leadership Training by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sun 19 Feb 2012 11:53pm I received the notice below recently from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). ASAN Invites Autistic College Students to Autism Campus Inclusion Leadership Training Please disregard the prior email sent out. Due to a small technical issue, the link to apply does not work. This issue has been resolved and we apologi ... Read on »
WOW! Major Autism Study Equating Environmental and Genetic Risk Factors Also Included Subjects with Classic Autistic Disorder!! by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Mon 05 May 2014 8:55pm The Familial Risk of Autism is the large study making waves for demonstrating that environmental considerations are roughly equivalent to genetic factors in autism causation.  Hopefully funding dollars will begin to flow toward the environmental side of the equation as many have urged for so long.  What is not generally mentioned in the ... Read on »
Autism Twitter Day Should Include Severe, Low Functioning, Autistic Disorder Realities by Harold L D. Patient Expert Posted Mon 08 Dec 2008 4:53am 1 Comment December 16, 2008 will be Autism Twitter Day, an excellent idea from Bonnie Sayers/autism family. I hope though that Autism Twitter Day, in an effort to be positive, does not exclude the severely autistic - those persons with Autistic Disorder who are low functioning and cognitively impaired. On Autism Twitter Day let us not forget those persons ... Read on »