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"I'm just a little black rain cloud, hovering over the honey tree..." by eatdancelive Posted Fri 23 Apr 2010 12:00am That was a Pooh quote of course :) Today's topic is honey. Raw honey, wild honey, local honey... you name it, I love it! I'm a honey fanatic! Honey is antibacterial, antiseptic, antibiotic, and antifungal. It never goes bad, and does a world of good both when ingested and topically! Move over Purell, why use you when honey is your more ec ... Read on »
Honey for You and Your Honey by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Jul 2009 11:42pm Looking forward to a big box of organic chocolate on Valentine’s Day, or maybe a couple of heart shaped cookies?  Your sweet tooth may thank you but your skin tells a different tale.  That’s right, refined sugar can weaken collagen and put skin at risk for premature aging. It is not news that refined sugar and the yummy treats we make with ... Read on »
Is Honey a Safe(r) Sweetener? by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 07 Feb 2012 11:14pm I pride myself on making the Primal Blueprint an easy lifestyle to follow. If you were just starting out, you could easily read a few articles, do a couple hours of research , and start making positive changes to your diet, exercise routine, sleep schedule, or daily life immediately. You could ditch grains or replace some chronic cardio with we ... Read on »
Tinto-Style Cheese Plate by Alexandra S. Patient Expert Posted Thu 15 Jan 2009 7:58pm A month ago, my friend and I enjoyed a delectable cheese plate at Tinto, Jose Garces’ Basque region tapas restaurant. Drizzled with Acacia honey and sprinkled with bee pollen and espelette, a wedge of Petit Basque paired with a sliver of quince membrillo began the evening most memorably. Tinto offers a variety of Basque region cheeses, each serv ... Read on »
Review & Giveaway: Heavenly Organics by Marillyn B. Posted Wed 14 Apr 2010 12:00am Mission Statement: To produce and market 100% organic product with sustainable methods that preserves and nourishes the biodiversity of the planet, as well as the traditional people and cultures where our products are harvested and produced. I stumbled across this small company last year and their product ... Read on »
Arabian Style Leg Of Lamb by Kiri W. Posted Wed 18 Apr 2012 7:57am A long time ago, when my father was traveling in Egypt (or Morocco…), he saw an old woman by the roadside who had fallen down and hurt her leg. He offered to take her back to the next village in his rented car so she could see a doctor, and she was so thankful, she entrusted him with her family’s secret lamb recipe. At least this is ... Read on »
Why I'm Upping My Calories by Ffion Posted Tue 21 May 2013 11:59am In today's post I will be discussing calories, so if you feel this is triggering in any way, feel free to skip down to the pretty pictures! Do you know how recently I've been complaining that I'm always eating, and a bit of a bottomless pit? Well last week I made the decision that I needed to up my calories: duh right? Recently I have been eat ... Read on »
Delayed in Dulles by A Healthy, Happier Bear Facebook Posted Sun 12 Dec 2010 6:01pm Unfortunately, not all plans end flawlessly. After an amazing weekend in Savannah, to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday, I’m now sitting on the cold tile floor at Dulles Airport keeping busy during my 3 hour delay. Not exactly what I consider a wonderful Sunday evening. Oh well, at least the terminal has internet and I have a wo ... Read on »
Fine Dining and Cheese? by Melissa Patient Expert Posted Wed 04 Aug 2010 8:21pm This past Monday, I was fortunate enough to invited to Bacchus , home to some of Milwaukee’s best food. For those of you who are into “No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain, you may have seen this restaurant featured on the recent Midwest episode. I knew that I was in for some great food and cheese, but little did I know what was about to come ... Read on »
Sex Up Your Salad Part Deux by Jemma Posted Mon 21 Feb 2011 4:30pm A little while ago I set upon a challenge to produce some delicious salad recipes to post on my recipe page, using fresh and seasonal produce.  By the summer time there will a collection of lovely and tasty salads that I have tried and tested and for you to enjoy. You may remember my first sexy salad : Yesterday I experimented wi ... Read on »