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Weekly mileage update: Loading up the miles, slowing down my paces by Kevin L. Patient Expert Posted Sun 12 Jun 2011 1:39pm My last two weeks of training Good thing I don’t start marathon training until late July because right now, my legs and lungs just can’t get it together. I can’t hold a sub 8-minute mile to save my life. At first, I blamed the heat. But I think I’m acclimated to the heat now, having run in this stuff a good two months since coming b ... Read on »
P90X Hybrid Day 4: 4.5 Mile Run (pace) by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert Posted Wed 12 Aug 2009 10:46pm Four days down; 86 days to go! So another one in the books. Normal P90X schedule today would have been Yoga, but to accommodate my Triathlon training I hit the treadmill hard. My legs were feeling a little sluggish today. I did a 5 minute light jog to try and get some energy in them but it didn't help. I was planning on running for 45 minutes ... Read on »
Week 7: Tues 10 Mile Pace Run/Bike Ride by Tri to Be Funny Patient Expert Posted Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:31am I haven't lost my mojo! I haven't lost my mojo!! I was beginning to worry a bit about my running. I feel like my injury set me back a bit and I hadn't really tested my speed workouts in a while. The last few long runs have been fairly slow and laborious. It's hard to tell wheather it's a case of overtraining or undertraining at this point. I j ... Read on »
Week 3: 10 Mile Pace Run and Staying in the Zone by Tri to Be Funny Patient Expert Posted Fri 17 Apr 2009 12:31am Let the 15-16 hour training week begin! Today's prescribed run was an exact carbon copy of the 10-Mile Pace Run we did two weeks ago on August 7th. Run the first two miles slow, the next six miles at marathon goal pace and drop the hammer for the last two miles. We were NOT allowed to stop our watches at water stops, etc. Mile 1: 9:06 ... Read on »
Wed lunch 4 Mile run (35:00 8:45 pace) by BaddApple .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 12 Aug 2009 10:32pm It was super hot outside so I decided to just run inside on the Club's indoor track. It's only 200 meters so you get a little dizzy, but it beats the treadmill. The first 2 miles when pretty well. A consistent 8:39. I could feel myself fading a little, but I wanted to keep it under 9:00 minute mile pace. I just did with a 8:54. Mile 4 I was hurting ... Read on »
Post # 300! Saturday 4 Mile run (34:40 8:39 pace) by BaddApple .. Patient Expert Posted Sat 15 Aug 2009 10:33pm Wow Post # 300 - and its so not exciting. I had another bad night sleeping Wednesday night so ended up sleeping in instead of getting up and running or biking. I didn’t get a chance to run on Thursday. I should have run at lunch but I didn’t bring my stuff since I was already late and thought I might get a chance to run at night or Friday morning ... Read on »
Crewing and Pacing at the American River 50-Mile by Rock G. Patient Expert Posted Wed 14 Apr 2010 12:00am Dana and Kara at the start. This past weekend I was part of a crew of five who were at the American River 50-mile crewing and pacing for a couple of friends, Kara Teklinski and Dana Katz, who were running in their first 50-mile ultra. These two training partners has been training their butts off. Last December they ran the "Northface ... Read on »
Mid week run - Easy pace ... picking up the miles by Cord C. Patient Expert Posted Wed 02 Jun 2010 1:15pm Another good run today after work. Next week I plan on getting back to some consistent training to ramp up the mileage. For now, I'm just going to take in some miles and keep the pace easy Run Summary Distance: 5.14 miles Pace: 7:47 per mile Read on »
Training at marathon pace: Goal - Negative split each mile by Cord C. Patient Expert Posted Wed 22 Sep 2010 6:28am 16 Week Marathon Training Plan - Week 6 - Day 3 Today's run was another marathon pace run. I've been trying to keep steady during those runs and to keep the pace up around 7:20 or so. The weather this morning was cool and I knew that would mean my pace would probably be a little faster than previous marathon pace runs. I warmed up with ... Read on »
Week in review: 18 miles with the guys at marathon pace by Meggan F. Posted Sat 12 Mar 2011 3:53pm Week in Review: Monday: 10 miles in 72minutes, + 8X20 seconds hard strides at 1600m pace (11 miles total) Tuesday: 70 minutes relaxed Wednesday: w/u, 40 minutes at relaxed tempo @ goal half-marathon race pace (avg of 6:18 pace), c/d (8-9 miles) Thursday: 64 minutes easy Friday: 8.5 miles w/ David & Micah Saturday: 2 hour run, 17.6 miles (6: ... Read on »