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Hearing aid batteries by Funny Old Life Healthy Living Professional Posted Thu 30 Oct 2008 6:03pm 1 Comment I’ve been changing the batteries on both aids every hour or two for the last couple of days. Arrrghhhh! I haven’t had this problem before and it’s really annoying, especially as I was in a 5 hour meeting The batteries don’t die out slowly as with analogue aids so you don’t have the warning of sounds dying away, and my new aids don’t beep ... Read on »
Win a year’s supply of hearing aid batteries by Steve C. Patient Expert Posted Mon 18 Jan 2010 3:00pm 2 Comments Enter this great hearing aid battery giveaway and don’t spend another penny on powering your ears for a whole year! All you have to do for you chance to win is leave a comment below and tell me the following: Yeah, it’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? Competition rules: Only one entry per person. ... Read on »
Audigy Group Hearing Aid Batteries: My Review by Megan S. Posted Tue 20 Apr 2010 6:46am When I bought my hearing aids through my audiologist, they threw in three years of free hearing aid batteries. This is awesome. Batteries cost so much, and naturally my "stock" of 675 batteries had turned useless since my new aids take 312s. The doc started me out with Energizer batteries, which lasted a couple days at most, then started giving m ... Read on »
Hearing Aid Battery Safety by Megan S. Posted Mon 17 Oct 2011 6:25pm My brand of hearing aid batteries. Wearing hearing aids goes beyond just having something stuffed in your ear all the time and feeling like you are part cyborg. It can also bring a lot of clutter with it, from hearing aid batteries to Dry n Store units on your nightstand and special alarm clocks that vibrate the bed. I have co ... Read on »
What to Keep in a First Aid Kit by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Posted Wed 20 Feb 2013 9:41am A Proper Container Your first aid kit should be portable and easily accessible. A small plastic tackle box or art supply box makes a good first aid kit, or you can use something as simple as a resealable freezer bag. Where to Store Your First Aid Kit Keep your home first aid kit in a central location so that it will be accessible during emer ... Read on »
Esteem Implanted Hearing Aid From Envoy Gets Approval from the FDA – 1st Device of It’s Kind by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Fri 19 Mar 2010 12:27am 2 Comments This is very nice, no more having the “hearing aide” visible and it is implemented behind the ear.  The clinical trial was conducted with 61 individuals, which by clinical trials numbers is small, but the results seem to speak for themselves.  You can visit the website and listen to several videos from people who have the implant and how it wor ... Read on »
Haitian Earthquake Aid through Partners in Health by Posted Wed 13 Jan 2010 12:00am Photo by Daniel Morel, Haiti Photo by Daniel Morel, Haiti Those looking for means to get help quickly to the people of Haiti, devastated by an earthquake, should consider an emergency donation to Partners in Health.  PIH has a long track record of providing excellent health care directly t ... Read on »
Another Hearing Aid That Doesn't Look Like a Hearing Aid by Megan S. Posted Mon 13 Feb 2012 9:00am Take a look at this - the new "Panasonic JZ Power WH-105JZ hearing instrument with binaural audio headset." ( Picture via medGadget )  Doesn't look much like a hearing aid, does it? According to the press release , this hearing instrument is intended for mild to severe hearing loss. You have your little unit, which look ... Read on »
Quick Rite Aid Run by Emily and Jenny .. Posted Fri 16 Jul 2010 11:25am We were in a desperate battery situation today. Between our Wii controllers and Sophie’s VTech V.Reader, we were going thru them like crazy! I love the V. Reader, but it eats through about 4 batteries every 2 days if your kid loves it as much as my Sophie loves hers. So I decided to just go and get some rechargeables and a charger tod ... Read on »
My Postpartum Rite Aid Mojo is Rockin’! by Emily and Jenny .. Posted Mon 27 Dec 2010 6:27pm I took a very, very short foray out of the house today to go to Rite Aid and the library.  Because you see, I needed to get some sweet deals and return some books!  My mom stayed with the kids so I could run out.  I was in a hurry because after all, I have a wee baby who likes to nurse every 2.2 seconds, but I was still able to score some great ... Read on »