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Motor Skills, Social Skills and Autism by Your Therapy Source Posted Fri 27 Sep 2013 4:00am Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly recently published research on the link between motor skill deficits and autism.  The participants in the study included 35, 6-15 year olds, with high functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  The researchers looked at object control skills i.e. catching and throwing and locomotor skills i.e. walking, ru ... Read on »
BMI and Gross Motor Skills by Your Therapy Source Posted Sat 14 May 2011 9:25pm Pediatric Physical Therapy published research on the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and gross motor skill level in children. Fifty typically developing 3-5 year old children were evaluated with the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales. Of those 50 children, 24% were overweight/obese with 54% scoring below average on the PDMS in that g ... Read on »
Challenging Motor Skills by Your Therapy Source Posted Wed 02 Nov 2011 9:41am Yesterday, I was spending some time with my 14 month old daughter outdoors. I was just watching her interact with the environment and see what choices she made to play. All of a sudden it hit me how often she challenges her motor skills to a more difficult level. There were many examples of this she was walking on the pavement (still so ... Read on »
Letters and Fine Motor Skills: Montessori by healthymama Posted Thu 26 Jul 2012 4:00pm on by healthymama My kids love arranging small objects into patterns. The toddlers are not yet allowed to play with beads, but the 4-year old loves games that require fine motor skills. This particular letter game helps preschoolers to learn letters, while playing and improving their fine motor s ... Read on »
Improving Executive, Attention, and Motor Skills Preschool Children With ADHD with Parent and Child Groups by Your Therapy Source Posted Fri 18 Oct 2013 4:00am The Journal of Attention Disorders published research on 29 (4 to 5 year old) children and their parents who participated in group sessions with 3-5 children per group.  The training sessions consisted of introducing games that would help to enhance inhibitory control, working memory, attention, visual spatial skills, planning skills and mo ... Read on »
Motor skills [Guest Post] by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Dec 2008 10:13am This article was submitted by - a father’s guide to parenting. As parents we get to hear lots about developing motor skills (usually fine or gross) … and then there are motor skills of a different kind! There comes a time in every father’s life when they realise their little girl is growing up. She is nearly as tall as ... Read on »
ADHD, Asperger Syndrome and Motor Skills by Your Therapy Source Posted Tue 16 Aug 2011 9:15am Recent research evaluated the motor skills of 36, eight to twelve year old boys (12 with ADHD, 12 with Asperger Syndrome and 12 typically developing peers). The Physical and Neurological Examination for Subtle Signs was used to evaluate the boys and the following was examined: 1) total speed of timed activities, 2) total overflow, and 3) total d ... Read on »
6 Easy Ways To Improve Fine Motor Skills in the Winter by healthymama Posted Wed 12 Feb 2014 3:35pm on by Dr. Anastasia To Improve Fine Motor Skills in the Winter and to do something fun indoors, there are multiple options to keep your toddler, your preschooler or even your older child happy: Pipe Cleaner Snow Flake Draw ( or ask the child to draw) a snowflake out of simple criss-crossed lines. Gi ... Read on »
New Fine Motor Skill by Susan Patient Expert Posted Thu 01 Oct 2009 11:56pm It was just an ordinary night and I was in the living room with Ainsley. There were three Playmobil 123 people (slightly larger than the normal Playmobil and safe for little mouths) standing on the table. Sometimes I randomly ask Ainsley to do something just to see what she understands and can do. Often she surprises me. By now nothing sho ... Read on »
Fine motor skills: marshmallow building by flakymn Posted Thu 26 Sep 2013 1:08pm With our return to the island comes an attempt, on my part, to begin homeschooling the boys. This year is just preschool. Isaac is technically old enough to start school (May birthday) but we have chosen to hold him back a year so that he and Sidge would be in the same grade. My goal each day is to just spend 1-2 hours doing educationally rela ... Read on »