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Tennessee Bill Proposes Fetus Death Certificate by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Tue 26 Aug 2008 4:27pm A Republican legislator in Tennessee has proposed a bill that would require doc's to file a certificate of death for aborted fetuses . Rep. Stacey Campfield says that this would give them a way to track the number of abortions performed every year. The thing is, the Office of Vital Records already tracks and makes this information public. What it ... Read on »
The pain of the fetus by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Sun 06 Jun 2010 9:22am In France, the new studies demonstrate that the fetus can suffer. The question is to find the treatment to fight this pain. On June 5th in Paris, Palais du Luxembourg, the PremUp foundation organizes a colloquium to discuss it. This Fondation works on prematurity, average prematurity and extreme prematurity. The premature births increased by 15 ... Read on »
HEARING TESTIMONY.....LYME DISEASE TRANSMITTED TO FETUS by Marjorie Tietjen Posted Wed 15 Jul 2009 8:07pm The Infectious Disease Society Of America tells United States citizens that Lyme disease can not become chronic. This organization states adamantly that if Lyme disease symptoms persist after the 2 to 3 week antibiotic treatment then if after the 21st day of antibiotics.... you still have the same symptoms, you now do not have an active infection b ... Read on »
Fetuses Have Memory In the Womb by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert Posted Tue 21 Jul 2009 11:51pm Played classical music for your unborn? Me, it was way too much NPR. Sure, our relatives might have scoffed, but a new study shows that after 30 weeks, the fetus may actually have memories of the rockin’ out time y’all shared. Researchers in the Netherlands studied 100 pregnant women and found that prenatally, babies may have short-term mem ... Read on »
Fetuses Masturbate So We Should Outlaw Abortion-Many Members of the GOP Need A Digital Literacy Check as This “DefaultR by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Posted Wed 19 Jun 2013 7:13pm I tweeted this earlier and so if the male fetus can feel pleasure, it could feel the pain of an abortion?  Please!  I had to laugh my head off when I heard this GOP Congressman from Texas say this on the video…again this is sad that this appears to be such a strong default topic when they are over their heads with knowledge needed for “real” la ... Read on »
Cardiologists awake , lets us learn echocardiography right from the fetus : The link to excellent resources for learning feta by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Posted Wed 18 Nov 2009 10:01pm Fetal echocardiography is an important imaging modality for screening fetuses with congenital heart disease.Not all cardiologists are familiar with this imaging . Obstetricians are also not well versed in these techniques.So, finally,  it is left to few specialised radiologists to do this job. The issue here is  they are less  in number and t ... Read on »
Fetal Farming, Here We Come: UK Scientists Say to Use Aborted Fetuses as Sources of Organs by Wesley J. Smith Patient Expert Posted Sat 14 Mar 2009 4:21pm Tell me we aren't on the path to using human beings as mere produce: A UK bioethicist has called for using fetal organs from abortions in transplantation. From the story: Kidneys and livers from aborted foetuses could be given to the desperately ill and ease the organ donor shortage, a leading scientist has claimed. Professor Sir Richard Gardn ... Read on »
A Brief Rant on Fetus-Holding and Other Things by Monica LeMoine Patient Expert Posted Wed 20 May 2009 1:24pm Greetings, Inquisitive Guests and KuKd/TTCers! I'm pushing my debut Ask a Disgruntled Dead Baby Momma column back a bit (yes, notice the subtle title change) to get this other thing off my chest first. The inspiration for today's musing - a rant, actually - comes from The Dude (who, I'm pleased to report, has now amassed an even GREATER t ... Read on »
Out of the exhibit explores effects of stress on fetus by Atlanta Mom .. Patient Expert Posted Sat 04 Jul 2009 10:13pm Stress in the womb can last a lifetime, say researchers behind new exhibit Visitors can see how their stress levels could affect the heart rate of their unborn baby and find out why pregnant women should reduce their anxiety, at a new exhibit at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, which opens today (30 June 2009). The researchers b ... Read on »
Dear Fetus by Monica LeMoine Patient Expert Posted Mon 15 Mar 2010 8:19pm Dear Fetus, Can I still call you that? Fetus? Or have you graduated to the level of "baby" by now? Why don't I just break all societal rules for a moment, and call you what your dad and I have known you to be for some time: Sean. Sean Murphy LeMoine, that is. As in Sean Connery. Sean Penn. The late Sean P-Diddy Combs. A humble, boring, single- ... Read on »