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Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Now It's Time for Picture Pages by Tricia Posted Fri 12 Dec 2008 3:50pm Peas in a pod. Someone sent G this jean jacket (with jeans, a t-shirt and socks--all Levi) and we don't know who it was. If it was you, please tell us and thank you so much! (You can get colorful stripey things at Target too. For like $2.99. So, you may have some rockin' things Zutano, but...well...god! I would hate me if I were my own mom ... Read on »
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures by Tiffany Snook Patient Expert Posted Fri 05 Jun 2009 5:07pm Baby A is still a Boy Baby A is our little thumb sucker Baby A greeted us with a little wave hello. It was the first thing we saw when the machine was turned on. Baby A SURPRISE! Baby B is a boy too. Our Little B B's Foot Our little A Precious B our little wiggle worm B's Toes Read on »
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! by Tiffany Snook Patient Expert Posted Fri 18 Sep 2009 11:02pm The countdown is on!  Approximately 24 hours from now the boys will be home.  Did I mention that I am so completely in love?  When I get some time I will be changing the blog a bit and changing the name... Let me know which name you like best. 1) Dreams Do Come True x2 2) Dreams Do Come True, Times Two 3) Miracles Come in Pairs ... Read on »
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.... by McNulty Family Posted Thu 18 Sep 2008 12:00am We've been keeping busy the last few weeks. This is becoming a great age/stage full of noise, laughter, adventure and discovery. Conor and I are realizing how fast they are growing and trying to enjoy the here and now. Before we know it, they'll be all grown up. Here is a fun post of nothing but pictures, pictures, pictures... and mor ... Read on »
Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Now It's Time for Picture Pages.... by Tricia Posted Mon 01 Mar 2010 12:00am I think it is time to make a Picture Schedule here at home for Georgia. Our days are rather scheduled now what with the school routine, and Georgia is still so frustrated because she can't always communicate her needs and desires. I also think if she can visualize what our next course of action will be in the day, not only wi ... Read on »
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures ... by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert Posted Fri 30 Apr 2010 3:32pm Being that it is a Friday and most of us are beat down from a long week I will just post a bunch of pics so as not to tax our brains anymore than what is necessary. But first, tomorrow is IronMan St. George   and a few of our fellow bloggers are going to be out there giving it the good fight.  So best of luck to Mike Russell (@ 26.2 is my Cool ... Read on »
Pictures, pictures, pictures ... and a little bit of history by Sue F. Posted Sun 25 Jul 2010 1:12pm So here we are, late as always with the photos I promised from the last couple of weeks! Tarting around on the walk from the hotel to the 30th bash a couple of weeks ago Bec and Nia, showing how lovely they're looking when we slid out of the party to cool down for a bit Check out that food - super posh (and very tastey) canapes, and ... Read on »
Picture, picture who's taking the picture by Michele Tomecko Posted Sat 04 Dec 2010 8:25am Its that time of year that we Tomecko's take the famous "all kids smiling at the same time...with no melt downs" picture. My thought process to planning "the family picture" is no thought process at all! If I sat and said..."guys, on such and such day we are going to take the Christmas card picture" it would never of happened. So, one day after s ... Read on »
Pictures pictures pictures!! by meredith Patient Expert Posted Thu 17 Feb 2011 9:57am A birthday party for THREE! Wesley’s 6th, Kristopher’s 7th, Emma’s 8th! Father Daughter Dance! Read on »
Pictures Pictures Pictures!! by meredith Patient Expert Posted Wed 15 Jun 2011 3:07pm In no particular order… all taken yesterday… :)  Enjoy!      Read on »