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Burn Fat with Kettlebell Workouts by Carol Dunlop Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Posted Fri 27 Apr 2012 5:46pm Want to add definition to your shoulders and back, burn major body fat, tone your butt and arms and drop a couple dress sizes? I thought you would say YES! Well, stop eyeing those cannonball-like versions of a metal purse and start using them. The proper name is kettlebells and they pack a wallop in the gym compared to regular dumbbell ... Read on »
Kettlebell Workouts – Kettlebell Workout Routines by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Sat 24 Apr 2010 1:23am Knowing more about the technique you are getting into makes it the exercise more exciting and gives you more motivation to go on further. It’s a good way to start a training if you know more about the advantages and benefits of the Kettlebell workout routines . It can be used in different ways for you ... Read on »
The Biggest Loser’s Last Chance Workout & 30-Day Jump Start by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert Posted Thu 11 Mar 2010 3:00am Yesterday we had the chance to talk to Tara Costa , former fierce competitor on The Biggest Loser and overall awesome chick. In that interview, we mentioned that she appears in one of BL’s workout DVDs and actually leads  the workout in another recent BL release. Today we put those two BL workout DVDs to the FBG test! (And it’s a tall test be ... Read on »
National Guard Soldier of Steel™ Workouts by MaryBaum20 Posted Wed 19 Jun 2013 7:29am The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™. As I mentioned last week , we are all looking to vary up our exercise routines. You just can not do the same exercises, day after day, and continue to get good results. Luckily, National Guard’s Soldier of Steel™ workout plan is the perfect remedy for those ... Read on »
A (Not-So) Brief Update Before My Workout Begins.... by Corey I. Patient Expert Posted Tue 22 Jul 2008 8:21pm OK, so here's an update from my lastpost. I spent most of my day off running errands, but still managed to squeak in a bit of correspondence: I wrote the B-day thank you cards, replied to theWellspherelady & accepted her membership invitation, & also responded to a scant few comments on this blog. Still haven't had time to email back some of m ... Read on »
Video preview: Biggest Loser couples workout at the U.S. Olympic training center in Colorado by Roman M. Patient Expert Posted Sun 07 Feb 2010 7:00am Nothing like a bit of good old fashioned Olympic inspiration to make losing a couple hundred pounds bit least that seems like a winning combination. And on this week's up-coming Biggest Loser episode the cast members get all of the inspiration and training they can handle at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. ... Read on »
★FitStars: Workout DVD Choreographer Cal Pozo by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert Posted Wed 15 Dec 2010 6:00am I’d love to go behind-the-scenes espionage-style on a workout DVD shoot some time. I find the whole thing just so darn interesting. How do they find the uber-fit people you see in the videos? How many takes does it take? What happens if someone can’t do a move properly? And who actually creates all that choreography? While I can’t answer mos ... Read on »
Men’s Health Spartacus Workout by Bill .. Posted Sat 23 Jun 2012 9:55pm Spartacus Workout, is it for you? Have you ever wondered how the actors in the popular television program, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, developed those sculpted muscles and well-defined abs and chest? They went through a specially-designed, high intensity workout program that burned belly fat and developed their muscles. The Men’s H ... Read on »
Recent Workouts by Carolina John Posted Fri 12 Jul 2013 12:00am There's been a couple of notable workouts this week that I wanted to mention quickly, and a huge update to throw out there next post.  For now let's start with This was the definition of a solid week.  Got in all 5 bikes, 2 swims, and 3 runs.  145 miles biking, 27 miles running, and 4 miles in the pool.  about 13.5 hours total.  s ... Read on »
CrossFit in an Air Cast by Jess Posted Wed 28 Nov 2012 8:15am Last night I had my third CrossFit Elements class, and I didn’t want to miss it because my foot is in a giant air cast to cushion the strained tendon in my foot. I opted to go to the class, figuring I’d do the moves that I could and at least watch the others to learn the proper form of anything I couldn’t participate in. When I s ... Read on »