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3/10 Workout: Ab Exercises & Steady State Cardio by Melinda F. Posted Wed 10 Mar 2010 10:11pm I did an unexpected abdominal workout today and it was probably the most intense ab workout I’ve ever done. Awesome! My husband and I both wanted to do cardio today since we didn’t yesterday so while one of us ran, the other one did abs. It worked out pretty well! Abdominal ... Read on »
Make your ab workout a good workout. by Tara Posted Sun 22 Aug 2010 12:00am It's funny, in the past week alone, I added two clients to my rotation—both of which want to focus primarily on abdominal exercises. Lucky for them, I love this particular muscle group and there are a gazillion different abdominal exercises out there. Google "abdominal exercises" and you'll get 448,000 links. Google "core exercises" and you'll g ... Read on »
The Core Workout Routine VS the Ab Workout Routine by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Posted Tue 06 Sep 2011 8:21am The abs workout is something rather old hat now, and the new fitness mantra that all the experts are extolling the virtues of is the Core Workout Routine. This is because a core workout is what helps to strengthen and reinforce the center of the body that houses the most important organs; the core that gives stability, ... Read on »
pOST sURGERY aB wORKOUT by Kiley M. Posted Thu 03 Mar 2011 10:01pm The doc said I’m not suppose to do anything “strenuous” for the next couple weeks. Fine. I wont (maybe), but he didn’t say anything about not doing an ab this!! My man showed me some videos, and I laughed. I laughed a lot. Maybe it just felt like I laughed a lot because it KILLED my stomach & my wounds. Check this one out (so ... Read on »
Ab Workouts That Give You Hard Ripped Six Pack Abs by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Posted Wed 12 Nov 2008 2:53am by Vince DelMonte When trying to achieve the illusive six pack, it’ easy to get confused by all the “best ab workouts” available. You’ll likely notice that there a multitude of ab workouts to choose one, so deciphering which ones will work the best can be tricky. The thing to remember is that whenever you are trying to work your core, every ... Read on »
Four Ab Workouts Common myths by Movements Afoot Healthy Living Professional Posted Tue 23 Aug 2011 11:10am Myth one: sit-up will be the ideal ab exercise routine Truth: You obtain shoulder and again discomfort but no modify to stomach body fat. Though sit-up is the most generally acknowledged ab exercise routine, it failed to be amid the record of good ab workouts through the American Council on Training (ACE). The purpose is simple, when doin ... Read on »
Best Ab Workouts Revealed by Lucy J. Patient Expert Posted Fri 26 Oct 2012 1:38pm In this article I wanted to bring you one of the best means of cutting up your abs fast. Tri-sets will have your metabolism racing and your ab fat running in fear as it’s days are numbered. Forget about sit-ups and crunches. It’s time to work smarter than ever before with this top notch ab workout. This tri-set consist of these 3 key exerci ... Read on »
The Ultimate AB Workout – Feel the Burn and Get Results by Adria A. Posted Mon 16 Jan 2012 12:00am     If you’ve been struggling to find ab exercises that deliver results, then we have to perfect combination for you!  This ab circuit has been tried and tested over my years as a fitness professional.  These Ab exercises are combined to hit all the muscles in your core.  Forget gimmicks, and machines.   All you really need is ... Read on »
Six Pack Summer Ab Workout by Madeline G. Posted Thu 05 Apr 2012 5:00am Summer is right around the corner whether we like it or not.  It was almost 90 degrees here the other day!  With the warmer weather means that bikini season is a-coming also … gulp!  With us moving to Savannah and having a close proximity to the beach this mama has definitely been working on her core lately.  My goal is to at some point feel as ... Read on »
amp your ab workout. by pojofitness Posted Fri 31 Aug 2012 12:06am tired of doing a lot of the same ab exercises and want a little something new. try these twists on the usual ab moves here . it is always fun to try something new... and your body likes it too! Read on »