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Zheke primary nike air rift sale penalties personally

Posted Jan 14 2013 6:19am
Zheke primary nike air rift sale penalties personally choose to hit the road, but is their legs retaining Daes, play a ball over in the column on the left side along the line horizontal, turn one ' s face the ball cling Daes. This season, the two teams in the League in total penalties of Manchester lost 5 points, than the other 18 Premier League teams less total penalty penalty only lost ball. Manchester City front road, quick free kicks, Silva to Tevez, Argentina people low ball, Mr Milner shoots to the right Angle the closed area network, 0-1, away game Manchester City made of lead. Because Wilshire injuries treated, arsenal only 9 people in the field operations.??
But as a Real Madrid fan, he and Barcelona superstar be very close. Especially Peake and Lionel Messi, the two organizations regularly in the team played computer football nike free run women's game, Peake was Barcelona FIFA Games first. But even so, faced world champion, Peake also can't win. Two PK midfielder, Peake 0-1 behind Barcelona, but as luck would have it, when peak operating their own, because a flying red spade took direct was sent off.??
Spain media said that despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo is the game, Real Madrid are starting to miss the Portugal star. Data show that in the case of Ronaldo to play, Real Madrid should be only 25%, once this Portugal the absence of the person, Real Madrid would rate rises to 35%. After joining Real Madrid, Ronaldo played in 172 games, Real Madrid get 172 games, 129-(75%), 24 (14%) and 19 (11%) success. 3 Ronaldo been ruled out of the 23 games of the season, Real Madrid only won 15 (65%), 2 (9%), and 6 (26%). Data demonstrate that Real Madrid are fairly deep reliance on Cristiano Ronaldo, his presence, Real Madrid almost lost only 10 games 1 games, but if he had been ruled out, Real Madrid will lose 4 games 1 games, lost ball-rate increased more than twice.??

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