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Yuan Ming Yuan, Beijing

Posted Feb 18 2014 3:02am



The Yuan Ming Yuan is one of the country's most wonderful recreational areas and contains a sequence of ponds, remains, and remarkable landscapes that can take several hours to effectively discover. Although the remains are an additional 15 Yuan to see, they are worth the money and consist of many amazing remains of Western designed structures that are excellent fun to discover. There is  China Travel Agency  even a well set out labyrinth to a large event gazebo that is excellent fun for all age groups. Yuan Ming Yuan is a exclusive recreation area that should be high on your to do list while in Chinese suppliers.

Construction on the Imperial Gardens started in 1707 as a present for the Emperor’s 4th son, Yongzheng. Yongzheng later became the Emperor and ongoing to flourish the landscapes and even designed ponds. Within the landscapes was a large structure that provided as the Imperial Summer time Palace until 1749 when the present Summer time Palace was finished. After the finishing the present Summer time Palace, Yuan Ming Yuan was then generally known as the “Old Summer time Palace.”More China Travel Info From : Tibet tour

During the Second Opium War in 1860, the landscapes and imperial  Beijing tours  structures were all but absolutely equalized. The staying structures were later damaged in 1900 in the Eight Country Partnership intrusion.

During the Second Opium War there was significant amounts of looting. Many precious relics were thieved from the Yuan Ming Yuan landscapes. Most popular of these were the 12 Astrology Leads. One of the garden’s water fountains had all 12 zodiac creatures around its advantage, that served as water fountains. Based on the time, a certain zodiac creature would capture water from its oral cavity. During the intrusion, all 12 creatures had their heads eliminated and have been losing for many years. So far Chinese suppliers has handled to find seven of them, but still five stay losing.

The recreation area stayed relatively fresh for many years but started recovery in  China travel service  the 1980's, and even an often discussed subject in the 90s. Delayed the recreation area became an important traditional milestone and commonly known as China’s “National Injure.”


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