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Youmo a long time to work out a cheap nike free run 3 box of Yang Huo

Posted Mar 08 2013 3:02am
So good-bye!" Her smile of sorrow, greatly grieved: "Thank you all, Mr. Luo. "" Goodbye! "Luoya Wen said, alone watched her back to the single disappeared in front of the hallway, was moist eyes. A good girl! "He thought:" Great! This world sorry for her! "He shut the door, back in the door. "However, this world is right, who is wrong?" Walk, his mind is still confused and drowsy, she did not want anything, just mechanized gait forward. Suddenly, she felt shuddered, her eyes was a womens nike free run 2 walk on to the silhouette sucked. Connan, if he did not have even the names are changed, then he is Connan it! He brought a stack of writing this, slowly walked to full head of graying hair, messy erected at the head, not see the face, only to see his face beard. His back stoop-shouldered, shambling, two scrawny fingers, pay close attention to the pile of book.

Jiang Yanrong not far from the front, he stopped. In a moment, Jiang Yanrong thought he had recognized her. But not, he did not Jiang Yanrong the direction of view, he just wanted to smoke a cigarette. His laborious the book have to pay in one hand, the other hand go into his bag groping touch for a long time, and the broken pieces of paper with a lot of mess, only to find out a crepe but deflated smoke to. Jiang Yanrong his childlike happy Youmo a long time to work out a cheap nike free run 3 box of Yang Huo, very difficult for him of a lighted match, tremors to fuel that cigarette, and finally, the smoke burning can be seen. But that heaps of the book in his hand, but scattered over the ground, in order to rescue the book, his smoke fell to the ground, he sent a burst of strange curse.
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