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write drunk. edit sober.

Posted Nov 04 2011 9:13pm
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My man Ernest Hemingway may have been on to something with his (in)famous exhortation the difference between writing and editing.

I am a writer and editor in my offline life, and everything that comes across my desk—written by yours truly or not—gets scrutinized at least four times before getting published. My reputation and that of my company depends on me getting it right every time. (But no pressure.)

That’s a lot to ask of someone, so when it comes to blogging, my methods are far more relaxed. Unlike my paid writing, I don’t read it aloud. I don’t read it forward for style and again for grammar. I don’t read it backward word by word to make sure there are no typos. I don’t have anyone else read it before it goes live.

When writing my blog, I do what editors everywhere tell you not to: I edit as I go along. I may read it over once before hitting publish. I’ll let WordPress do a spellcheck. That’s about it. It’s oddly liberating, to tell you the truth.

Then, I have apps that tw

eet the blog and send it to my Facebook page . And that’s about all there is to it, for me, anyway.


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