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WOW Silver like to see buddies more or less

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:36am
This is 5.0 maintains the pk some encounter, the new edition just started out, so most of the expert can only comprehend a surface area, want to WOW Silver like to see buddies more or less will have some help, also want to the excellent god can put ahead optimization advice...

Vs dk: problems 4

Many a 100 % free controlled floor is sick, hands should be begin yellowish protect dull come over, to yourself set of mana protect sailing to flicker intake loss he community CD, fills whenever they want for protection of intellectual sailing ice protect, yellowish protect after see did he begin the sick from management, no terms dragon's breathing lotion band, generally keep time is very easy to even the pets together management and function lack of confidence, you can first ice band and dragon's breathing, but very easy to him in a community begin during CD from management abilities, effective lotion band later study swelling detonation - powerful and powerful stop missing together perform little occurrence, he badges would fridge or you will be enjoying disabled, he doesn't trinket term is he was disabled.

Hypothesis logo the fridge cover up 10 a few moments ice band run with far fire effect blast loss DiaoDian blood vessels, continuously supplement intelligence sailing, be he melee time set of ice protect, this is very essential, this can let the ice shields in be eliminated absorb as much as possible before, the second dragon's breathing lotion band generally is success, but fictional dk will anticipation begin 100 % free management factors, so before and crazy DE soldier similar is to make sure the best possible success to the third dragon's breathing lotion band awaken occurrence, lucky terms second can take away
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