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Who will come out victorious in this all-out battle

Posted Oct 11 2012 9:15am

Four quarters, tablets will go into carnival season. Sources said that Apple will issue an invitation to the media these days, the rumors said that iPadMini is expected to be officially unveiled on17th. At the same time, first foray into hardware giant Microsoft over the years, will release WIN8 system on October 26 in Beijing, the first tablet Surface will be fully available.

On the global market, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas day is the popular Carnival day, this day will also take on giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google.

Apple: iPad Mini still is in the half shell

For the upcoming release of iPadMini, will have a little surprise in the market, market is quite concerned. More rumors are now, iPad Mini will be released on October 17, 7.8-inch screen size, 8G space and carrying A5X processor. The latest news showed that iPad Mini will push the WIFI only version of official time to market at the beginning of November, while Apple would one use full-size iPad version 4G of the Flash interface. Analysts said, iPad Mini is a play on "cook time" branded products, mainly to Kindle Fire with 7-inch Amazon and Google Nexus Tablet competition, to seize the small size of the Tablet market. In terms of market prices, analysis predicted that Apple iPad Mini would not exceed $ 250, because Amazon and Google's 7-inch tablet in the United States sell for about $ 200, iPad Mini wants to seize the peer of the market, needs to make concessions on price. As expected, Apple's iPad Mini or exceeded 10 million in sales during the year. What is more, in order to add the sell point, Apple will launch all kinds of ipad accessoires, like cheap ipad cases, ipad holder and so on. When Apple iPad 2 launched, Apple also has done to launch all kinds of cheap ipad 2 cases.

Microsoft: Surface or is available for sale via Suning

Microsoft's first foray entered into hardware manufacturing for many years, starting from the flat Surface. Microsoft public relations confirmed to reporters in China, Microsoft has released in four or five countries in the world the WIN8 system, China will be held on 23rd and 26th at the Beijing time Microsoft will launch WIN8 system in the United States New York, when the Surface piggyback WIN8 system will officially enter the market.

Recently, rumors said that in the Chinese market, Suning appliance other than the Microsoft store will become the exclusive sale Surface channels. However, journalists from the two sides did not get the exact message. Suning officials from concerned departments said, the company has been communicating with Microsoft, but no final word. IT industry in Silicon Valley giants "hardens" trend, Surface flat release for Microsoft should have a special significance.

Surface plate uses10.6 inches, in two versions: the WindowsRT version of the configuration is relatively low, as well as a higher version of Windows8Pro, in price, of course, there is also a gap. But rumours said that the price has many versions, the price difference of $ 200 or more.

Google: $ 99 flat panel will or debut in this year

Google is also daring. Yesterday, Google officially announced the Nexus7 Android4.1.2 update, according to the commitments of exposure before the Fixed Bug, and further interface is beautification, to optimize performance.

It is of concern that there are rumors of Google will be combined with Samsung to launch 10-inch tablet, positioning the high-end user, the screen resolution is higher than the new iPad. Most exciting is that Google in December may launch the Tablet for only $ 99, this will be no small impact on low-end Tablet market. In the past year, great changes in the share of the Tablet market. Apple's share fell from 81% to52% in 2011 to 2012, while the share of Android tablets have been to 48%, Amazon KindleFire flat occupies 21% market share since the launch in November last year. In the Win8camp, in addition to Microsoft's own Surface, Amazon KindleFireHD 8.9 inches, United States David Barno NOOKHD online bookstore will also have four quarters listed in bulk.

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