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What to do?

Posted Sep 22 2009 11:20am
Recently I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do about juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. I realized awhile ago that I'm not going to be able to sit back and watch kids grow up while sitting on the sideline, being stuffed with pills and loaded up with liquid poison.

For about a year I let myself be angry about how little was being done about rheumatoid arthritis. I resented the people on the Avon "Walk for The Cure" commercials who walked for breast cancer because I knew that every single one of them knew someone, or knew someone who knew someone, who had rheumatoid arthritis. Yet, they were out there walking for breast cancer, a highly curable disease. I was angry when I told people that I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and they didn't believe me or said that they had never heard of it. And I was angry with my doctor who didn't have a better option for me. I was angry at the world for creating such a debilitating disease and ruining my body. I wanted people to pay attention to the horrors that are juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Now I know much more. I know that every disease in the world is something to fight against. Every disease causes pain, suffering, anger, heartbreak, and financial loss. Every single kid who has a disease in this world is worth fighting for. Every single person who suffers deserves someone fighting for them.

What I've researched over the past few months while taking time off from school has made me realize that the current "experts" on health and nutrition whom we look to for advice on recovering from these diseases do not actually have our best interest at heart. I don't want to sound like a radical, but I want you all to know that the world is suffering because of a long, complicated maze of misinformation created by greed. It has gone out of control. We are being stuffed daily with stuff masquerading as "food" and "medicine." I want to be part of the movement the untangles that mess and shows the world that we can be disease-free if we move in a different direction than we're going right now. I want kids and parents to experience heaven on earth, not hell on earth.
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