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What is the most common cause of elbow pain? I can barely use my left arm it hurts so bad.

Posted by mwonderland

I have developed carpal tunnel in my right hand from working too hard on my ranch - and I fear the left elbow got abused as well.  I think I have a bit of arthritus in my joints as well. I need to know what sort of doctor could help me with the elbow pain - and diagnose what the problem is. 

My primary care doctor just takes x-rays and tells me nothing is wrong.  When I finally went to a hand doctor (he is actually a plastic surgeon), he said that was just silly.  The test for carpal tunnel is done using electronic impulses that test nerve activity.  Now I am wondering who I should see about the elbow - I don't want to spend $'s for doctors that aren't going to help me.

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