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What is good ?'s to ask dr to know for sure what type of arthritis

Posted by kelsiesmom24

My husband suffers from extreme joint pain, joint swelling, achy in his whole body and has trouble sleeping. The dr first said he had psoriatic arthritis, but after reading up on everything I think he has rheumatoid arthritis. He is 37 years old and began experienceing all this stuff about 3 yrs ago. He is on several medications but none seem to help him. Especially the last 1 month I guess. Can anyone recommend questions to ask the dr so that we can find more information out about this and what types of tests do you recommend so that we can find out exactly what type of arthritis he might have. Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless!
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I hear and sympathise with your pain and worry. When I had arthritis rapidly spreading in my hands (joint swelling and fingers starting to turn in) ? many years ago I read about native yucca plant, rich in saponins (alkaloids) which neutralize the acid in the body, which promotes arthritis; I started taking the yucca supplement and the reaction was immediate. It stopped the progress of the arthritis. Seven months ago I had a total knee replacement, a final solution to my knee arthritis, which I did not recognize in its initial stage ? swelling, and which happened years before my hand-swelling episode. In retrospect, I wonder, had I been taking yucca then and throughout, whether my arthritis would have progressed into my knees. On my own advice I now take yucca daily(2 capsules, half of recommended dose) in order to prevent arthritis attacking other joints. Doctors tell me I have osteoarthritis, but I thought it was rheumatoid, because the latter distorts the whole structure not just swell the joint. I also learnt that rheumatoid arthritis is bilateral, i.e. it develops on both sides. Ultimately, I depend on listening to my body and informing myself through all available channels. Now I am facing the total knee replacement by the "less invasive"procedure in my other knee. You can read my blog on it on this website and at "less invasive TKR- revealed.". I hope this helps you a bit or points you in the right direction. My best wishes,



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