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What I Eat (Summer)

Posted Jul 29 2011 8:57am
 I believe that in order to bring balance back to your immune system you must live, act, speak and think in a way that feels right and brings peace to you. If you worry about pollution and air quality, how can you justify eating apples in the summer when they are being shipped in from New Zealand? If you believe that every person deserves love than how can you ever use your words to bestow hatred on another? If you believe that your body will be better balanced by eating foods that are growing and surviving in the same environment as you, than how can you ignore those foods and eat foods grown across the country? These are just a few of my demons that I've wrestled with and have now accepted and am working on in my life.

I am really getting into eating locally and seasonally. It just feels right to me. It doesn't feel right to go to the store and buy avocados from California, bananas from Central America, apples from New Zealand, lamb chops from New Zealand, fish from Alaska, etc. (I'm in D.C.).

That being said, I still purchase my therapeutic foods, which are from tropical regions and other places far away. I feel that this is okay because if I couldn't have my noni juice, I would be in a very bad mood every day :)

Sauteed Chicken Livers for Pate

Seasonal Local Foods that I am Eating (local to Virginia):
I shop for these at the farmer's markets and my family's garden
Summer squash
CucumberBerriesChicken (including chicken liver pate and bone broth)TomatoesSwiss chardParsley leaves and rootBeetsGreen BeansCantaloupePearsLambGoat Kefir and YogurtGoat ButterWalnutsHerbs such as basil, dill, rosemary, thymeDandelion GreensWild BlackberriesClovesBeefPeppersEggplantBee Pollen and Raw HoneyPeaches Smoothie Ingredients: wild blackberries, strawberries, dandelion greens and buds
Beets in Apple Cider Vinegar
Therapeutic Foods  (that come from far away and that I am still purchasing at the store) : anti-inflammatory omega 3, soothing to the gutOlive oil: anti-pain, healthy fat anti-fungal, healthy fat mood elevatoranti-parasite, anti-inflammatory blood sugar regulation, anti-inflammatoryLemons: low sugar fruit and flavoringand Various Supplements (from online sources): anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial: energy, protein, anti-inflammatory energy, anti-inflammatory anti-viral, vitamin c adapatogenic, energy, libido, vitamins and minerals (which I could start harvesting from my back yard next year): anti-parasite (just for enjoyment purposes): minerals, yum yum yummy.Our Peach Tree
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