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What do I do about hip arthritis and extremely tight hip flexors?

Posted by Pompelmina

I'm 58, used to be very active, weigh 128 lbs.  One Dr. says it's the arthritis.  Another says its my lumbar foraminal stenosis.  Doing physical therapy (3 sessions so far) but I'm still very tight, especially stiff and painful in the morning.  Pain and tightness is mainly in the front of my thigh but I'm also tight along the sides as well.  I can't lift my legs to get into the car without assisting them.  It hurts to stretch them out in bed, too.  I'm taking Aleve..helps a little bit.  What else can I do? I'm tired of this!!  Help?
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Hi Pompelmina,

Do you know what type of arthritis you have? Osteo, Rheumatoid, etc? I would recommend seeing a Rheumatologist to get a good diagnosis, medication than can help beyond teh Aleve. Did a doctor recommend Physical Therapy? You might want to eplore aqua therapy. Call your local Arthritis Foundation chapter to find an approve aqua class in your area or check out the YMCA. That might be a good thing to add to your phyical therapy. Do you generally feel looser after a session of physical therapy?

 Take care,


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