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What can I expect with a hip revision only 20 months after a seemingly successful hip replacement?

Posted by angstogner

I am a 56 year old active female who had a successful hip replacement 20 months ago.  I had returned to all my normal activities after great physical therapy--hiking, biking, exercising, etc., with no problems. About six weeks ago, I started experiencing groin pain and went to my doctor.  He took ex-rays and regretfully showed me on the film where my implant had begun to show signs of moving at the tip and was no longer attached to the bone in a 2 inch length of the femur.  He said that I would let him know when I needed the surgery because the pain would eventually increase to the point of necessity.  He also said there has been some research into taking Fosamax to possibly build up bone at the point where the bone was not attached to the implant.  Is there anyone out there with my problem who can share their experience with me and how long, on average, do I have of intermittent pain (as it is now) until I need the subsequent surgery?  Needless to say, I'm not thrilled.  Help. 
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About a yearpost successful hip replacement surgery, in 2006, I began experiencing groin pain.  By 2007, it had become severe. My surgeon, however, says that my xrays show no problem.  He thought the pain was coming from my back. There is nothing in the several MRI's I have had that supports that theory.  I cannot lift the hip replaced leg more than an inch or two off the ground.  And of course it hurts in various other ways - moving side to side, for example.  It is now 2010.  I get around but in pain and stairs are tough. It's been three years since the condition developed to its current level.  So far, nobody seems to have any idea what is causing my pain.  I too would like to know what others have discovered and what they have done about it if anything.

Hi Claritsa--Update from my posting of June 2009.  I have been taking Fosamax for my osteoporosis in my lumbar spine plus calcium and estradiol (to keep the bone loss from progressing.)  I had further x-rays in December 2009 which still showed that the tip of the hip prosthesis had indeed moved but it was no longer causing me pain.  My surgeon said perhaps the Fosamax has helped bone to fill in, something that has been researched but not conclusively.  My husband and I went to Europe and walked at least 5 miles a day with no pain in my leg (my back did ache somewhat but nto a big problem.)  I also did some researching online and found  did some researching and contacted Dr. Huddleston at Stanford.  Also, I did some research online and found Dr. James Huddleston III at Standford University.  After some e-mails back and forth, he looked at my x-rays and said that the prosthetic itself was not causing my problems.  Apparently, some brands have caused lots of pain, especially in folks who had surgery about when you did.  Check it out. 
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