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What are the symptoms of bone spurs in the hand?

Posted by Carolyn

I have had an x-ray and have a bone spur on the end of my thumb almost at the wrist area.  I also have two spots of arthritis.  My thumb is not as flexible as it was and it is very painful.  It first started out like it had a catch in it.  Now it is just painful.  Is this the bone spur or the arthritis?  Also, what is the most minimally invasive surgery in this case.  I have tried Ibuprofen for imflammation but it doesn't seem to be helping.


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Bone spur causes disgusting pain around the clock and after surgery it will definitely return. Consult your trusted doctor for Camodulin intake. It is a calcium binding protein which regulates different protein targets on different cellular functions.

Your experienced doctor should be able to explain how bone spur exists.

Is there no way to keep it from returning?
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