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What are the steps to buy mobile power pack

Posted Jan 12 2013 6:21am

Select mobile power pack steps:

1 set to be connected 3C products: such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, netbooks, laptop battery and so on.
According to the connected 3C products: determine the necessary output voltage,current capacity (power).
According to the 3C products: To connect decided to single feature applies (single output) or multifunctional use (dual output).
Decided according 3C products: To connect the additional functionality required.
5 to decide the shape of the mobile power: light, thin, short, small.

What is the principle of mobile power?

Transit connectors must match mobile power products use the principle is to charge digital devices via USB cable, with one end of the USB interface cable to connect the portable mobile power pack products, while the other end of the digital devices, the other end of the interface must be followed the same interface for digital devices, otherwise it is impossible to charge another USB cable internal resistance can not be too large, and higher than normal charging time is too long, even cause charging failure.

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