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What are some team strategies for 4v4 sand volleyball

Posted Apr 22 2013 3:03am

What are some team strategies for 4v4 sand volleyball

It probably easiest to play in a diamond shape with one person right at the net VOGUE HEADLINES, two people one the sides in the middle of the court, and one person in the back. This way, you can set up well for offense and defense. On defense, the person up front should stay at the net and SHOULD NOT take the first hit unless they have to, like if the ball hits the net and drops really short. The two on the sides should cover the short/midrange stuff on their respective sides, and the person in the back can cover the back line and anything that too far back for the side players to get easily. The person in the back is mostly a defensive position, so they have to be ready to cover the ENTIRE back line and not get to eager running around taking passes that one of the other two can get to more easily. On the same token, the people on the sides shouldn swat at things that are going too far back and would be easier for the back passer to get. It often isn as showy or glorious being the person to cover the back line, but don forget that in volleyball, offense isn even possible without a good defense, so even without glorious spikes they still have an important job, and also sometimes can hit back row if the other two aren in good position for a hit. They should be trying to pass the ball to the person staying in the middle front so they can set. This way, the setter can set it to either person on the side very easily for a hit, or the person in the back if weird angles or running around make that easier than trying to force a badly set-up spike. Remember, going for a big hit is great, but always go for the smartest plays because a flashy play that loses the point doesn help at all. Also, when the other team is hitting, the person in the middle should usually be the ONLY one blocking JORDANS 16, because with only four people, the other three can cover the whole court fairly well, but giving up even one of the three passers can put a huge hole on your side of the court. On offense, like I said, the goal is to pass to the person at the net so you can easily set either side person for a hit. The other two people who aren hitting should be ready in their respective positions in case the ball is blocked and pops back onto your side. Also, the setter should be ready down and just to the side of the hitter so that if it gets blocked and falls between the hitter and the net, you have a chance to save it still. So all in all, diamond is the way to go. And just like regular volleyball, staying in your position is key, because in quads you can afford to give up coverage when there are so few people. Don get over eager and encroach on other people positions, but make sure you are aware and take care of your own. Most confusing situations (such as the ball being between two people and both stopping to let the other get it) can be avoided with good communication, which just takes practice and getting comfortable on the court. Good luck, quads is a lot of fun.

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