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Watch Bones Season 8 Episode 14 || watch 8x14 The Doll In The Derby online Streaming

Posted Feb 05 2013 3:47am

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Poor Sweets wants nothing more than to live like a real person, but Booth won't let him move out. Guys, we're worried that our favorite Secret Agent Man has imprinted on Sweets like Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. Get out while you can, Lance. Get out while you can. It goes without saying that Christine is Booth's favorite child (after all, she's a holy deity), but we thought Booth would at least mention Parker in his goodbye video. You know, just a brief shout-out at the end like "Hey Parker –– I love you or whatever," but nope.Watch Bones  Season 8 Episode 14 Online, Bones   8x14 Free, Watch Bones   s08e14 Online Full Episode, Watch Bones   Season 8 Episode 14  Online Free From Bones   Season 8 Episode 14, Watch Bones   Season 8 Episode 14 Online, Bones   8x14 Free, Watch Bones   s08e14 Online Full Episode,

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Because Brennan apparently can't be bothered to do her job in the lab this episode, Daisy continues to examine the bodies at the Jeffersonian to determine cause of death.  On Rachel, a comminuted fracture of the distal end of the sternal body just superior to the xiphisternal joint was the likely cause of death: a crushing blow fractured and pushed the sternum into the heart.  Particles found in the wound indicate locally sourced stone about the shape of a grave marker.  Booth and Brennan question Mirsa again, as he is also the stone mason for the company, but he denies killing Rachel.  Meanwhile, Sweets talks to Mr. Warren, a funeral director who wanted to go into business with Rachel but, when she refused, filed several lawsuits against her.  He points the FBI back at Mirsa, though. Meanwhile, Cam tries to uncover the details behind Booth's secretive hospital appointments. Back at the Jeffersonian, Brennan and Daisy Wick study the injuries to the first body: massive trauma to the sternum and 4th, 5th, and 6th ribs bilaterally suggests a crushing blow, while fractures to the right and left radii and ulnae indicate defensive wounds.  The second body was arranged differently: a scarf tying the chin in place, anointed with frankincense, sandalwood, and cloves.  Booth does a search on the land and finds that it was a burial plot leased to Dr. Wes Craig on behalf of his wife, Monica, from a natural burial company called Green Passages.  Monica had terminal lung cancer and had been buried there.  While Sweets is questioning Dr. Craig, he shows him a facial reconstruction of the first skeleton, which he identifies as Rachel Knox, Monica's death doula.  Dental evidence confirms her ID.
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