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Vivian xu cried out "one elder sister" make wu minxia blush says will insist on

Posted Aug 13 2012 3:22am

Air Jordan 4 For SaleIf ask now China TiaoShuiDui of "one elder sister" who is, believe that nearly all will be jumped out an answer, that is, three th Olympic Games the old minister wu minxia 560000! Yesterday, the Chinese diving "one elder sister" leading China TiaoShuiDui three appear rites held in London on a victory party. At the scene, not only by the goodwill of the Vivian xu wu minxia ridicule, but also by the media, "besieged", these shows the popularity of wu minxia now how flourishing.


Air Jordan 4 Retro For SaleWas not used to make fun of some when "one elder sister" the London Olympic Games, wu minxia in women's 3-meter ridicule by double accustomed when "one elder sister" the London Olympic Games, wu minxia in women's synchronized 3 m board and single 3 m springboard two projects have won the championship, a total of four gold MEDALS the success and ChenReLin 540000 for the China TiaoShuiDui together in the Olympic gold MEDALS with the most players. Can say, the 27-year-old wu minxia, already deservedly become the leader of the TiaoShuiDui inside character levels, called China's diving "one elder sister" a little too much.


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Because of this, she also was with her to attend the victory celebration activities with entertainment star Vivian xu goodwill-when the host China to ridicule TiaoShuiDui three gold medal winner when issued by gifts, Vivian xu suddenly out 1 "first gave one elder sister," which made the all people laughed up, wu minxia is bad idea ground at a smile, even facial expression be all a bit red, it seems that she is still a little not adapt to the "one elder sister" the call.


Talk about future hope to 2016 Olympic Games as planned, wu minxia they three will not accept the media, but with the media enthusiasm stalking horse alongside him, wu minxia also accepts the scene with the media, speaking of the Olympic Games, wu minxia said very satisfied, as for the match finished, wu minxia is told reporters: "will be the first to put one false to relax, with long not meet family, after all, whether in the body or psychological need a adjustment". And ask at most, no doubt, is her future going to-is London Olympic Games, the 27-year-old wu minxia have played three games, 4 years later she will 31 years old, so, wu minxia also can jump how long? To this issue, wu minxia and have no front side answer though, but she is still said: "a lot of people asked me whether I will go to Brazil, I think I didn't think so far, I'll a year in a step by step to set a goal, if the circumstances were I will insist on".

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