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Usb power pack charging will damage the battery is not

Posted Jan 14 2013 6:48am
Mobile power is more and more popularity for the user, but also more and more consumers are understanding more and more usb power pack, mobile power will not damage the phone battery also raised questions about the mobile power networksmall on this on this issue for a comprehensive reply, hope can help consumers understand the content in this area.

 We can move the power as a continuous charging charger for mobile power charging and DC plug charging the phone is the same as the same. There is no damage to the phone.
 So in fact, of course, is not the case. Mainly embodied in the product design, such as mobile power can do a constant current and voltage, and charging specification and defined in line with the phone, we can be sure of the words, this mobile power battery charger is definitely not what .

 However, if a mobile power supply's output voltage and current aspects of instability. Then there may exist may burn phone battery. Mobile power protection board called PCBA, keep moving power output to ensure constant current and voltage output. Mobile power network evaluation of the product, there is a lot of this excellent product. Our website will do some observation points in this data.
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