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Unsure what is going on with me..

Posted Apr 23 2010 12:42pm

I hope someone can help with. I am 35 and for the last year and a half i have had real boughts of fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and tender points. 9 months ago my Dr. dx me with fibromyalgia. About 3 months ago, (although i see a Rheumatologist every other month and I am on several meds ..cymbalta, tramadol, hydr-waterpill, one for headaches, one for restless leg)my joint pain in my hands got increasingly worse. I could barely move my hands. For hours I would stretch them and try to keep them moving so they wouldn't stiffen up. Back in Feb. one morning I woke up to what i thought was a normal fibro flare..couldn't move my hands, and had severe aching to the bone pain in my joints. I tried to get out of bed and realized my knees felt locked in place. I was late for work by the time i could get moving. It has continued every day since. Now though I can't get the pain to leave. it is in my elbows and my toes, even my ankles. I just fill ughhh. I am so run down and i have a rash(I have gotten this in the past only very mild) the rash is on my knuckles and fingers. My hands are swollen and red. I went to Rhuemy'd R.n(only one available) last week. She ran blood test and called last friday to say they would repeat the test in a month because my crp level is abnormal at 1.6. She said she wants to see what happens in a month..this rash has spread. Today my feet hurt so bad, I pulled my socks off(in my office) and I have 3 deep sores on my feet. What is going on? What is the R.N. looking for..she hasn't said to me. I am so frustrated!I just need to have an idea of what someone who has gone through this thinks it might be. Thank you!!

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