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Union resettlement Committee fully supports the King moved to Seattle

Posted Jan 22 2013 12:46am
Union resettlement Committee fully supports the King moved to Seattle.Discussed in the process of selling them have been concerned with this issue many times, and has been reported.It is worth mentioning that, NBA settlement Committeejordan retro 14 sale   was headed by Clay-Bennett, another identity that he is the boss of Thunder, 5 years ago he would be supersonic from Seattle the city away and taken to his hometown of Oklahoma City, Seattle, Nate is a particularly popular figure.Committee members also included prodigy boss liangxisi, wolves boss Taylor, jazz owner Miller, heat owner Micky Arison, Pacers boss Simon Holt, and the Spurs boss.

Of this message are a people, it is learned that Jackson has been essentially locked want to hold the King's senior.Today, the news that the King had and Seattle employers reached a sales agreement, to sell team 65% shares at a price of us $ 525 million.Has a new boss in to the master, the King will certainly go through comprehensive cleaning from top to bottom, if you can pull to Hall of Fame coaches such as Jackson senior, will certainly have benefited.But sourcesjordan sale also stressed that Jackson would not be personally taught, but that does not prevent him from serving as mentors in the coach sector.Current Kings coach is smart, but he and the team's young core relationship between Brian cousins not Muslim, the King moved to Seattle after the change is an inevitable choice.No matter who is coaching the Kings, Jackson's greatest treasures are the best backing, like Riley, Chief Executive of the heat and the relationship between head coach siboersitela.

On February 4, 2012, at Madison Square Garden, Nick, and ranking of the second section of the New Jersey Nets after game is just beginning, when Nick temporarily behind opponent 12 points, organization guards (point guard) Lin Shuhao (Jeremy Lin) with a ball across the Middle, and then pass to team-mate Tuoni·daogelasi (ToneyDouglas).Lin Shuhao along the edges near the Tony accelerated, directly after receiving the pass the ball back to the shooting.In the process, Tony is responsible for sheltering, helping Lin Shuhao in Network Center qiaodan·weilianmusi (Jordan Williams) to drive around near the basket.Lin Shuhao feint wave across Jordan, then put the ball into a rebound, the ball went!This is Lin Shuhao win the first 2 points that night, and that was his 36th of the season have just.
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