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U.S. 13-year-old boy or intend to visit North Korea will meet with Kim Jong-Il

Posted Aug 12 2010 1:25am

World Wide Web's Wang Chien reported that a boy only 13 years elderly to be in the United States to North Korea recently, they will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il may be, and suggested that North Korea at Panmunjom (DMZ) planted fruit and chestnut trees, making a kid's Peace Forest.
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According to the Associated Press August 12 message, the boy 名叫乔纳森 • Lee, who was born in South Korea, grew up in Mississippi in the United States. They is a humanitarian and environmental organizations ICEY-HOPE (International Youth Environmental Co-operation) of the founder. They and his parents will be held today from Beijing to North Korea.
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According to reports, Jonathan said they desired to see North Korea's leader, and suggested that North Korea at Panmunjom (DMZ) planted fruit and chestnut trees, to help North Korea improve the environment and, ultimately, in to a kid's Peace Forest, so that the children Where can play. The relatives selected the Korean peninsula so tense moments to the DPRK because they hope they can bring peace to become a "special delegation". Jonathan said: "I think there will be safe, I went through plenty of information, which is a very neat place."
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In addition, according to Yonhap News, Jonathan had met 3 years ago, former South Korean president Kim Dae-jung, then, they has proposed Korean chestnut trees planted in the Korean peninsula. Last year, Jonathan had also visited his sick Kim Dae-jung. Kim Dae-jung of the Republic of Korea and the DPRK to accomplish peace between the great hope, Jonathan hopes to help the Kim Dae-jung to recognize this wish.
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