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types of knee ligament tears

Posted by Christine

My mother age 84-had regular arthritis knee pain on & off in November(2009) Beginning of December the pain became very intense(right knee-inner side of knee), to the point that it would not let her sleep during the night. She has not injured her knees whatsoever. Took her to an orthopedic center on Dec. 12-they took X-Rays-it showed no broken brokens-the orthopdedist thinks perhaps she could have a tear in the inner ligament part of the knee(she feels no pain in the front part of her knee, nor on the outside part of her knee. If she keeps her right leg straight, she feels no pain, but if she turns her right leg inward, then she feels it.

The orthopedist has suggested an MRI to determine if that is the cause for sure. My concern is that my mother is 84 years old-has high blood pressure(on medication), is clastrophic when it comes to something like an MRI machine. In November(2009) went thru a colonscopy & endoscopy exam; which made her very emotional & panicky(her blood pressure went up due to it).  Is there any other recourse-I'm very worried about her, and she herself is tired(lack of sleep), and becoming a little depressed due to all she has gone thru recently, and now this. Since Saturday(Dec. 12th), I've very lightly massaged her inner knee area to assist in blood flow to nurish the site-she says it has helped her sleep a little at night.  I hope you can give me some insight into this, because I want to do what's best for her.   Thank you very much.

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