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Turquoise The Archaeic Of The Diamond

Posted Jul 23 2011 6:12am

Turquoise,is known as China's Yuan Dynasty "tal." In ancient times, produced from Persia and China's Xinjiang, through Turkey to Europe and the Middle East countries, consequent turquoise trade name, also known as "Turkish Jade", in fact, Turkey does not produce a turquoise. The world output of gem-quality turquoise major state-owned China, Iran and the United States. The main producers are China, Hubei Province, the output of the tender and beautiful turquoise color, fine texture and soft, stone ranks highest in the world, known as "Oriental Emerald" reputation.

For thousands of years, turquoise fashion jewelry out of favor by many countries around the mysterious gem with it many interesting legends.

Cupid with a turquoise carved Egyptians to protect their treasure.Indians used turquoise to decorate houses, to reflect a sea and the sky spirits. They believe that turquoise has the great god, the hunter will bring many animals, a rich booty to the soldiers, to wear it bring happiness and good luck. It is said that turquoise can also make the wearer from falling off the horse, when, to avoid injury, and can make high-powered health.Persians believed that early morning wake up, first saw the turquoise is an auspicious omen, the day can bring good luck.Pakistanis to do something before, love to put a turquoise costume jewelry, wishful hope things goes luck.

Chinese Tibetan people believe that turquoise is the incarnation of God, with the irresistible god, is still the most popular sacred ornaments.Turks will wear turquoise beads on the Mahler, convinced the devil to do so will be able to block the eyes.

Even more interesting is that in the Middle Ages, turquoise in Germany has become the preferred engagement gem jewelry . Legend, the young men and women engaged, the man presented to his fiancee a turquoise ring, turquoise ring, then pay careful attention to observe the color change. How to find the color from blue to turquoise rings green, then it is found unfaithful fiancee clean, marriage will be lifted. In order to avoid being cheated, fiancee to turquoise rings are maintained, only summoned when Kenpei fiance wear.

Turquoise blue, beautiful, fresh and quiet. Wear turquoise which from jewelry stores is said to bring nectar to give the wearing, and can prevent falls, but also inspire the human spirit, to make you all the best. Turquoise is one of twelve birthday stone, representing the warm and angry, a symbol of good fortune, eternity, and success.

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