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Treatment for Arthritis in Ayurveda

Posted May 22 2009 1:23am

I am an Ayurvedic Physician and do Ayurveda Consultation. I have seen many cases of arthritis (including osteo and rheumatoid). The people who suffer from such condition bear the pain and uncomfortableness for months or years together by simply consuming modern medicines (such as painkillers and NSAIDs). Unfortonately, patients with such conditions approach for Ayurvedic Consultancy when they are all done with other therapies and treatments.

When patients contacted me as ayurvedic doctor for arthritis treatment, I generally found them to be in advanced stage! In addition to my wonder, they always asked for guarantee treatment arthriris in Ayurveda. Anyway, I always make them understand that Ayurveda for Arthritis has proved satisfactory results.

Ayurveda treatment for arthritis include internal and external therapies. Internally, the patient has to consume some decoction, pills, powder (extracts) etc. Likewise, externally, one has to undergo several therapies, preferably Kerala Panchakarma. 

The Panchakarma requires patient to undergo several sessions and depending upon the body's response to herbal therapies, I decide the total period. I have seen almost 40-50 per cent of arthritis relief through ayurveda in 3-4 cycles (each cycle approximately has 12-16 day sessions). 

However, Ayurvedic Consultation for Arthritis also  requires a thorough examination of local affected area and it is followed by strict regimen and lifestyle modification. All in all, proper medication, external therapies, strict follow of regimen, lifestyle and diet may help in healing arthritis through ayurveda. 

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