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TrailBlazer before a home game

Posted Feb 05 2013 2:35am
TrailBlazer before a home game, Dave Matthews and ailiaote·weilianmusi were sitting in the dressing room talked about "Rookie wall" topic.They find the "Rookie wall" do exist, but the impact is not the same to everyone, and everyone's response is different, some people can be avoided.Ailiaote·weilianmusi is not only the players, preferring to research NBA history, he said: "I know a lot of players do not hit ' new walls ', Anthony, James, Jordan is free."In fact, Griffin, Paul, and rose (microblogging), superstars such aswomen's nike air presto   Durrant's debut season is also very stable.From then on, they showed their different from ordinary people.Generally, most players after leaving the family or school, it's hard to quickly adapt to professional life."At some point you think, ' what am I doing?' "Dave Matthews says," just finish in five consecutive nights after the fourth game, I suddenly woke up and watch the game videos.

Bynum was cleared after Gasol old failure, the Lakers must have a new backbone.Kupuqieke good ideas, and thanks to Mani Ratnam cheat to Howard.So in the midst of "Master Cheng Wude, unity of the Lakers ' arena" in praise, wow the arrivalnike free 3.0 v2 sale of Los Angeles, feeling very idealistic ideals and a vision for the future.Design Tucson broken, after all, is the clothes (Na?ve says), Howard crazy really had thought that the Lakers can render are caught directly?Really think that switched to the Lakers can fame and fortune?Data on the issue, Warcraft farm only 16.7 12.1 rebounds this season, data and with differing degrees of decline than last season.Fields are added, only poor 10.3, compared with last season, at least less hand 3 times per game.I do not know when known as "Warcraft terminator" magic master Nielsen see numbers like this, would there be "NIMA grievances finally redress" feelings.

James understood, while maintaining the existing portfolio and maintain existing revenue, there is a delicate balance."I know that the team needs three to complete the great cause of us," he said, "the ' big three ' to retain, that's a cool thing.But to keep the portfolio, under the new collective agreement, I may be less.I would like to, then will there is a way."If James would not" compromise ", there are two possibilities: one is that heat Dwyane Wade, boshizhong leave at least one person, and second, James joined another salary space plenty of players.These two options are guaranteed at least, James in the new collective agreement the maximum extent permitted, to get the highest salaries.This career may be James the first "real" maximum salary contract, he could no longer strands such as "NBA first paid" issue.
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