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Top Ten Great Headline Ideas - air jordan 9

Posted Jan 11 2013 6:42am

Make an irresistible offer air jordan 3. Most eBooks that sell well offer special bonus reports they attach at the end of the document.

People often buy just because of the bonus such as my "How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous" for my book on writing a book nike dunks low.5. Make a wild promise and pay up.

Most people don't like hype, but will notice your promises in your benefit statements Nike Heels. Back it up with the how when they read the copy beneath the headline.

6. Keep it simple. Some headlines go on and on to include many problems and benefits air jordan 9. Stick to a one line for the best results.

7. Include one top benefit. The top headline of your Web or email sales letter should taut your number one benefit of your product or service. Show the big result and wow your readers. They are looking for answers.8. Build curiosity/suspense. Would this attract you "Overcome Writers' Block with Snake Dancing" Sometimes the improbable can hook your readers attention, and that's what you want. 9. Must be "you" centered.Instead of saying "I can do this for you" write it "You will get this benefit when you..." Check out your home page. Does it need a lift If it has a lot about you, your mission, and your bio, you have missed the mark. 10. Think before you write your headlines. Leave the lackluster ones behind. To announce his seminars, one client put "Upcoming Seminars" in the email subject line. Who cares Entice your market to act by making a specific, benefit-driven headline.
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