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Top 5 Arthritis Managing Tips For Better Health

Posted May 22 2014 1:29pm
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Arthritis is a condition that has proved quite distressing when it comes to managing it. In fact, there is no one best way to manage arthritic pain. One of the most distressing things for doctors is the lack of one proven technique that can bring a consistent pain relieve. Otherwise, the fact is that you require a mixture of techniques in order to have some substantial pain relieve. This article will be exploring on the best five tips that can help you manage your arthritis:

1. Study more on your arthritis pain

According to the  American pain society (APS), patient education is the most critical therapy in the management of arthritis pain. When you learn all about pain treatment, it will be possible to break down the roadblocks to your pain relief.

2. Rehabilitate your body

Maintaining a proper posture is a significant thing when it comes to managing arthritis pain.  You can go for Physical therapists who can show you how to sit, stand and walk and train you on how to adjust your posture when moving your joints resulting in less pain. Doing regular exercise will strengthen your joint-supporting structures and will also improve flexibility. 

3. Help yourself at home  

It is good if you find some home based workouts that can help you relieve your joint pain without necessarily going to hospital. You can stay cool, rest or stay warm as a  remedy for arthritis joint pain. When you stay warm, blood will find it easy to flow through the affected areas there by removing toxic substances from infecting those areas. 

Some of the ways through which you can inject warmth to your body is:  you can bathe the affected area in warm water or dip it in a Jacuzzi. You can also use the electric heating pads to warm up the affected parts. Better options to this electric pads include microwaveable pads or automatic off-switches heating pads. Another important home remedy is Cold therapy, which is also known as cryotherapy. To achieve this condition you can use cold packs, cold compression wraps, ice packs, ice massage or use fluids with cooling effect as they evaporate.  

Cooling your body will help decrease blood flow in order to reduce swelling, slow transmission of pain signals and inhibit inflammatory chemicals. Resting can help reduce the rate of inflammation on the affected joints. You either decide to rest the entire of your body or decide to rest the affected joint alone by wearing a brace or splint; this will allow yourself to refresh physically and mentally thus reducing arthritis pain.

4. Consult nonphysicians

Pain management is something that also involves body control. The following are three methods that can help you control your body with the aim of managing your arthritis pain.


In a largest study on acupuncture, it showed that the technique can significantly reduce pain and improve function of patients with knee osteoarthritis who are on severe pain besides taking pain or anti-inflammatory medications. This study also shored that acupuncture, just like other complementary treatments, needs patience because it might take some time before alleviating the pain.


Massage has been one of the most ancient methods of managing body pain. Though not absolutely effective, it can give you some temporary pain relief.


You can use sound waves to penetrate tissues with the aim of proving tissues with some heat. This method is effective especially when it comes to alleviating pain and inflammation that has been caused by muscle spasms, injuries to soft tissue and arthritis in specific location like the hand. These treatments are normally performed by occupational therapists or physical therapists.

5. Calm the mind to calm the body

Reducing emotional distress, Easing anxiety or depression combined with having better sleep may improve the ability to enjoy life again, help reduce pain, increase your ability to cope and improve your psychological well-being; things which are  the main objectives of chronic pain management as documented by the American Pain Society. The following are some of the methods that can help you achieve this:


This is an induced form of relaxation which requires self-motivation and practice. This method can specifically help some people to manage pain or otherwise shift their attention from it.  It works by giving your subdued subconscious mind some control and giving your overworked conscious mind the much needed break thus allowing you to attain a state of deep relaxation.


These are machines that will help you control your body. With these machines, you will have to get connected to them and with their sensors, they will be able to control the involuntary actions of the lungs, heart, stomach and intestines; they can as well release stress hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline from their respective glands. In fact, by Learning to control involuntary responses like heart rate or breathing may to the control of other physical reactions.

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