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Tian liang: match from Daly heavy jump start stale this is not fair game

Posted Aug 13 2012 3:25am

Air Jordan 4 For SaleBefore the game, I feel male Taiwan should go, this is not just because Beijing Olympic champion Matthew not, more important is, I think Lin yue and 13 QiuBo (the Po) 140000 strength in there. But, watching the complete game, or a little some regret. In my opinion, from Daly 20000 heavy jump start, the game means is a feature of the Olympic Games with London, an unfair competition.


Air Jordan 4 Retro For SaleQiuBo play is very good, six finish the whole situation of very good, no obvious errors. However, he didn't jump and opponents before a few open points difference, lead to the last two jump has some variables. In my experience, in no open points worse off, the last two jump pressure will be relatively large. The American players diabolo Boris shortcomings is not stable, so the result is not so good, however, he jumped in the final very well, give play to the best level, and difficulty also don't lose us.


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I remember just into the national team, at the time, the manager told me, if we in the game with foreign players, as well as quality difficulty, you will lose 20 to 30 points, that no exaggeration. So each generation of athletes all understand, when foreign athletes play equally well, we tend to be lost. We can only in more difficult or difficulty with quality obviously better and can ensure that win the game.


It is, these a few years foreign athletes progress soon, Australia, the United States, Britain has a striking athlete, in foreign formed a kind of Oriental bright light of western situation. We in difficulty without the advantages, and even some foreign athletes difficulty also more than us, and quality is not bad. So, we must increase the difficulty, such as the 409 C, now had the foreign athletes can well finish, than the existing 407 the increased 0.9, if this movement for a full marks, he will enter the 120 points era. So, in the difficult and at the same time we must also have high quality.


Originally I was well received the game, our young man a chance to regain a single 10 m platform title. However, from Daly heavy jump start, the game means that is a fair game. In my experience the diving competition, haven't appear overweight jumped. Daly except home advantage is bigger actually outside, the technical strength or worse than we. If Daly that accident of a no 16 points, the last of the situation is bad to say who.


Don't scoring the referee in this way in the help, scoring the referee brains have such a belief: who take can, just can't to China. So, unfortunately, they got it. In 2016, in Brazil's Rio, we don't expect anything, as long as a fair.

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