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This Week

Posted Mar 18 2011 12:04pm
Today is Friday :) and Sunday is my birthday :)

We're not going to do anything special, but my parents are making dinner for me which is a treat because I make every single one of my meals every single day, so having a break is wonderful!

On Monday I listened to a bunch of great interviews on nutrition and women's health at ... It put me in a good mood for the rest of the week!

On Tuesday I worked like a busy bee on my recipes and classes. I came up Avocado Miso Dressing recipe and a Ginger-Carrot-Butternut Soup that you make IN THE BLENDER!!! It needs a Vitamix or Blendtec blender though, because the regular blender can't do carrots or winter squash.

On Wednesday I had a horrible dentist appointment to clean under my gums along the root and apply antibiotic to the root. (This was to deal with the gum disease I had in the hospital).

On Thursday I planted lettuce, chives, oregano, purple basil, watercress artichoke and a stevia plant for my balcony garden this spring. This will be my first time doing urban gardening!! Then I had a reflexology foot massage...heaven. Also, I went into Chinatown (in d.c.) to buy some Korean Red Ginseng root...and I found some beautiful chopsticks. I've been looking for some because I want to eat with them to help me eat more slowly. I eat too fast ;) And I got a parking ticket, of course, because none of the parking meters in d.c. work.

And today I'll have lunch with a friend and go to a nearby nursery to see if there are any  Then I'm going to stay up late and work on my book and website.

Happy Friday everyone!
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