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The Truth

Posted Sep 22 2009 11:20am
The reason why I named this blog "The Truth About JRA" is because well, the number one reason was to share with anyone and everyone what it's like to have JRA, but also because I tend to hide what is actually going on inside of me and I decided I that needed to let it out somehow. I needed a place to tell the truth about what this disease has done to me, what it has taught me, and who it has turned me into.

So, here is a truth. The truth is that sometimes I hurt too badly and am way to exhausted to write a post. I always wait until the end of the day to blog because that way I can get all the studying, making healthy food, appointments, grocery shopping, and excersizing parts of my day out of the way and just sit down and write whatever pops into my head. Well, it doesn't always work out that way because guess what I feel like doing at the end of the day? (The end of the day is around 7pm for me). I feel like collapsing on my bed and never moving again. And maybe crying a little bit.

In the spirit of allowing my body to do what it needs, when it needs to, I am now going to collapse onto my bed whenever I need to. I try to post 3 times a week, and I'll try to do it in the morning or midday from now on, but I can't guarantee it. It's the nature of the disease, I can't do a thing about it. So get used to the sporadic posts!

About my earlier comment... "in the spirit of allowing my body to do what it needs, when it needs to," I am mostly referring to natural urges. For example: drinking water, peeing, pooping, going to bed, breathing, getting up and walking around when you're stiff, etc. I know it sounds like common sense; of course you go to the bathroom when you need to! But, you would be surprised at how much we push our bodies to their limits. I lay in bed in the middle of the night sometimes being woken up by my urge to pee, and wait a loooong time hoping it will go away. Sometimes I fall back asleep only to be awoken again by my body's urge. My parents stay up to watch the colbert report and end up sleeping the whole way through it because they are so exhausted. I sit at the computer for hours without standing up. I used to hold my breath while I concentrated on something like studying or stretching. Now that I pay attention, I can let myself breath when I used to be holding my breath. Pushing our body to the limit causes constipation, dehydration, sleep deprivation, and poor circulation. It slowly ruins our health. When we are thirsty, there is a reason! I challenge you to choose one of these "natural urges," and watch your habits this week. Then begin to let your body do what it needs to do, to keep you healthy!

By the way, I can't believe I forgot to write in the names of my parasite cleanse supplements. I edited my last post and here they are again:

Before Breakfast:
Black Walnut Tincture: 25 drops in water or under tongue
Castor oil by Nutritional Counselors of America: 4-6 caps (depending on weight)

10-15 mins later:
'K-min' by Nutritional Counselors of America: 3 caps
'6-N-1' by Nutritional Counselors of America: 4-6 caps

Before lunch: take the Walnut Tincture again

Before Bed: repeat supplement routine from 'Before Breakfast"

It's exhausting, but I'm hoping for some relief!
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