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The same...

Posted Jul 16 2012 10:26pm
Rereading July 2008.  I am about a week ahead of last pregnancy.  Rereading it a blast...turns out BOTH girls were uncooperative at the first anatomy scans, both curled up into tight little balls and wouldn't move.  Felt movement with both around 17 weeks.  I said the kicks got stronger at almost 20 weeks, which would put me at around this coming weekend...we'll see!  Friday I get anatomy scan round 2...

One difference is the working out.  I was still doing 2-a-days and running (at a pace I would now consider "fast!").  Ha ha.  Well, at least the weight gain is similar...I am maybe a pound over (6 total, versus 5 at 19 weeks).  I just don't get hungry during pregnancy.  No snacking, tiny meals.  Whatever, I will pack it on while nursing.  I hate that everyone says nursing makes you lose weight.  Maybe if you gain a lot, but not for me! 
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