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The pep rally

Posted Nov 22 2012 3:21am
Rachel was pulling a trash bag behind her, her whole body presenting lethargy, picking up stray pom-pom ribbons and pop cans. This wasnt at all what she envisioned when she joined the committee. Her logic had told her that being surrounded by the jocks and cheerleaders would make her popular. That they would notice her and allow her into the fold. How wrong she had been. Behind the first row of trees that bordered the parking lot were several beer bottles. As she stepped out of the glow of the streetlamp, she noticed a green letterman jacket almost camouflaged by the grass and the shadows. How could somebody just forget to take their jacket with them? The thing that marked them as better than the swarming masses? She picked it up, feeling the smooth leather of the sleeves and the suede of the body against her fingertips, her trash bag dropped and forgotten. Oh, how she had longed to be part of this world. Just being able to trace the outline of the giant H appliqued on the front sent a thrill through her. Looking around, she noticed that Jake and Lily were sweeping up the remains of the fire, oblivious to her. Her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip as she slowly slipped the jacket over her shoulders, feeling its warmth surround her. And for the first time since she had started at this school, she felt like she belonged.
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