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The party's eighteen great emphasis on Cheap Beats By Dre corruption maintain a "high

Posted Dec 06 2012 12:14pm

The party's eighteen great emphasis on Cheap Beats By Dre  corruption maintain a "high pressure situation," general secretary xi jinping in different important occasions are warned the party "must watch", the central discipline inspection commission secretary wang qishan said "resolute discipline and illegal cases". And in place, the former chongqing beibei district party committee secretary LeiZhengFu in video exposure, after 63 hours to "kill" speed, the original ShuangChengShi lok ma in industrial corporation general manager, the National People's Congress SunDeJiang rule after the report was removed.

This series of anti-corruption signal and dynamics show that party to the corruption of "zero tolerance", won't stay in the idea the limitation of the practical level, but the "high"; Corruption will make progress.its upon the cheap beats warning, not to stay in the oral notice, but the system level new achievements; The corruption of the molecules "punish mercilessly", will not stay in the attitude of the bright, but become reality of the "iron hand".

Corruption will make progress.its upon, the reason is that it every exist together, on each of the damage a piece of DangXin morale. People DangXin easier lost than won the difficult together. But with stronger anti-corruption movement, can set the lost DangXin public mind bit by bit together.

Anti-corruption is not a social dinner, a corruption of molecular nothing to discuss, hesitate, worried about. Or in the corruption was stained, deceived, if open, not beneath the heart? People in, day in look, the corruption of the heart is lost, and in the middle of the day after all? But is the corruption of the molecules will not thine hands be slack, transfer the anti-corruption determination firm signal.

Anti-corruption system as a defence, and, no matter what, no matter what right, regardless of what a, as long as touched anti-corruption lines, you must pay the price.

Chinese premier wen jiabao on smooth plane arrived in Moscow FuNuKeWo 2 airport. At the end the 11th meeting together organization's prime minister, wen jiabao, began to an official visit Russia, China and Russia will hold prime minister 17th to meet regularly.

This is cheap dr dre beats China's national leaders after eighteen big first visit to Russia, but also for the first time since his prime minister dmitry medvedev held to meet regularly between China and Russia's prime minister.

Since this year, comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia to present more positive momentum of development, Mr Putin inaugurated as President less than a month on a state visit to China, and promote the relations between the two countries into "are important opportunities for development, are the main priority partner" in the new stage. 1 - October this year, bilateral trade volume increased 13.4% year-on-year to us $73.6 billion.

During the visit, premier wen jiabao will meet with Russian President vladimir putin and cheap dre beats  medvedev held talks. According to the practice of China and Russia, and the prime minister, will be held on the eve of regular meeting between prime minister to meet regularly committee meeting, 16th and energy negotiators meeting between China and Russia and humanistic cooperation committee meeting of 13.

China's foreign ministry after introduction, the two sides will focus on the implementation of heads of state between China and Russia this year Beijing meeting the important common understandings reached between the two countries, and further to deepen political mutual trust and comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries, and promote the strategic big projects and humanistic etc cooperation has achieved new progress.

Vice foreign minister ChengGuoPing points out, the Chinese hope that through this visit, continue to enhance political mutual trust, consolidate both parties involved in the core interests of each other mutual support, promote pragmatic cooperation in every field have made new progress, the key is to increase mutual investment, deepening the oil and gas, nuclear energy field and mutually beneficial cooperation, and promote high-tech and innovation, finance, place, etc, more cooperation in joint development, joint production and strategic big projects.

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