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The mayor of Osaka bridge and think Japan waste nuclear

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:43am

Japan reform will represent, the mayor of Osaka bridge and 10 in Hiroshima county speaking of the  mbt shoes  present stage of difficult to realize "waste nuclear" the idea. He says, "in terms of reality is not possible, in today's international political, Japan is a little peace idealized. Even if Japan claims nuclear waste, but who do it?"

According to "non nuclear three principles" ban in the introduction of the nuclear weapons, bridge in response to a question about the possibility. He says, "Japan since is America's nuclear weapons to protect the country, he can say there's a possibility. Now that realistically, we must let the national know and are discussed.

Bridge stressed. "' do not have, from the birth, and from the introduction of nuclear weapons" non-nuclear three principles basically should stick to. But about "no introduction", Japan must do not lie."

Bridge also said, "although to Hiroshima and Hiroshima  mbt shoes  nantou citizen I'm sorry, but from a security point of view, Japan is also exposed under the nuclear, it must let national realize that."

8, bridge against Japan's "the nuclear theory", pointed out that "the public to make should hold nuclear remarks in Japan is impossible. This also contrary to the Japanese reform will (policy)." At the same time he also emphasizes the necessity of it were discussed.

Libya prosecution spokesman adel 路 barak says, Libya on 12 in tripoli court before Mr Qaddafi's military regime the last prime minister salmon alum di a case.

Adel said, salmon alum dean will because of its in the civil war to participate in a series of incidents charged, in addition, he also will face destruction national security charges. Adel did not give more details.

It is reported, salmon from MAO di began in March 2006 as prime minister Mr Qaddafi's regime. Libya national transition committee thinks, salmon alum di suspected of corruption crime, will he bring to justice.

Salmon alum di last September fled to  mbt shoes sale  neighboring Tunisia. Although salmon alum di may face the death penalty trial, but Tunisia or in June 24, will be the extradition back to Libya.

President Obama only 14-year-old daughter maria slim and graceful, looks sweet but person. Someone on social networking sites for the construction of false account, but bring dozens of suitor.

According to the report, the United States President barack Obama and his  mbt shoes sale  wife michelle to two daughters take good care of my life, they to safety as the reason, banned daughter open social networking websites account. Obama couples think that, once love to make friends on the Internet, and easy to expose whereabouts, the security adverse.

But, even so, or someone intentionally pretend Obama daughter maria, for its online has opened four account. Therefore, many people love Mary deceived, and even message hope maria become its "beautiful bride".

In addition, there are people in maria's false account puts forward political issues. A net friend said, "dear Mary, you can stop your daddy stop in Pakistan of the uav's action?"

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