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The Glamorous Side of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Posted Oct 03 2008 11:31am

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis can make a person feel very lonely, and definitely not very glamorous. A recent little search online into celebrities suffering with RA made me feel a little less isolated and maybe not so awkward feeling. Stiff fingers and sore, aching knees don’t seem quite so painful when you can watch others live with it as well. Those with more spotlight shining on them are able to give voice to not only themselves but those who can identify with them.

I watched “the Soprano’s” every week, and not until today did I realize that Aida Turturro, who played Tony’s sister Janice, has also been diagnosed with RA since a young girl. Now in her 40’s, she has become the spokesperson for “Joint Effort Against Arthritis,” an American arthritis awareness campaign sponsored by the Arthritis Foundation. It’s also sponsored by Centocor, a US company that makes a well-known arthritis drug, Remicade.

I always thought James Coburn was a cool guy: tough, strong and silent with a rough cynical sense of humor. I like the late actor even more now because I’m able to identify with him and the discouragement of living with constant pain and the medical community not being able to supply any relief. Like him, I went off conventional medications like Plaquenil and Methotrexate and tried something a little unorthodox. He found deep tissue massage, electromagnetic treatments, and MSM to do the trick, I’ve found daily exercise, watching my diet, and Lyprinol (green mollusk extract) to help way more than what the doctors were prescribing me. *Just a reminder: I’m not suggesting anyone should toss their physician’s advice!!

Way back in 1928, Lucille Ball was diagnosed at the age of 17. She was a young model at the time and was told that she would be wheel chair bound for the rest of her life, but after 2 years of barely being able to walk, with metal braces on her legs, and other medical treatments, she overcame this roadblock and became the television sweetheart known the world over.

Being able to witness victories won over Rheumatoid Arthritis gives a sufferer a little more strength and encouragement to keep going. I can relate and gain from their experiences; feeling a little more inspired when the going gets tough and maybe even feeling a touch more glamorous!

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