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The child put air freshener for Penny Hardaway Shoes sugar to eat

Posted Dec 25 2012 5:36pm

On the court, Tang Zihao set the Thames a great coup -- as a grade eight students in senior high school, he's a tournament scoring 37 points, second established himself the United States Christian high school basketball first person identity."I've never seen a grade eight student like him so hard," she said."We have a training day, then Tang Zihao came and I said, 'do not need a holiday, coach.'"

Because of the cultural conflict, he in the first year of the United States will occur or embarrassing or funny things."We before Tang Zihao came to have a students come from Iceland," said Crowe coach."The child put air freshener forPenny Hardaway Shoessugar to eat.So when I bring Tang Zihao to his room said, I told him not to eat the thing, he just looked at me and said, 'I say Chinese, I am not a fool, why I should be eating air freshener?'"For Tang Zihao, that year in Alabama gave him a lot of fun."I just started not the basic English," he explained."The school will help me to adapt to life in America, they like family."It is in the United States Christian School of Tang Zihao as he took the English name Chris, derived from his most loved player Chris - Paul.Although there are so many good memories, but Tang Zihao returned to China after the summer, his parents went, dielectric hope they can seek a basketball level higher school."The first thing I saw him I knew he must be to better place to hone," she said."But look at him to leave really do not want, we all love him, we regard him as one of their own to treat.Our team after he left is getting better and better, to some extent because of the and Tang Zihao play children realize how to do to get better."

The following September, the boys from Jiangsu to Virginia, Newport news Hampton road school, this school has trained Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Ataka Sa Alonzo, Gaby Douglas and Ella Faiz Arcangelo.Tang Zihao as a rookie is averaging 17 points, he also successfully entered the famous rich - Williams AAU team, Iverson, Alonzo Mourning, Reddick and the J.J. - Jack had been a member of the team.Hampton coachLeBron X ChristmasMarx - Gillespie did not know their summer got a player, but he soon realized that the Chinese people bring to the team of great influence."His fitness is very good," Gillespie said, "his attention is concentrated.When a player at the same time with the two kind of quality, coupled with his immense love for basketball, he is not so simple."Because on the pitch, Tang Zihao began to appear in the scouting report, this one in Newport, the international students have played very well.

University started to express their interest, YouTube also began to have Tang Zihao's video -- like other position players, he hit three points, throwing out a record no look pass, and then with a strong enters the forbidden area ball.Well, he probably will be able to do it, but nobody will come to YouTube to see a player careful defense, defense rapid rotation, or hit an open vote.In his second year, Tang Zihao became the United States high school in the best Asian basketball player, but to tell you the truth, what of it?Tang Zihao Jeremy Lin nothing special concept, he told me that he loved Jeremy Lin, but only because he played for rockets.Although he can understand why will he and one other Asian basketball playersRose 3.0put on a par with, but it still haunt him."I hope people call me Dwyane Wade," said Tang Zihao, smiling mouth."I want to play like Wade, the violent impact basket."As a sports reporter, is one of the biggest disappointment he realized he like most players to play and what he think different.

From Oak Hill gold team kids that like James and like Durant, like science fiction writers like William Faulkner and that like Flannery O Conner.Players like those at the highest level, rack one's brains to those without metaphor, and that can make those who want to give a player then adding the trimmings peers down; however, the answer is so simple, "I love Lebron, because he is the strongest."This is the correct interpretation of sports fashion.

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