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The Candida Recovery Plan

Posted Nov 17 2009 10:02pm
So, What do you do if you suspect that you have a Systemic Candida Infection? After reading so many different approaches, I've come up with three essential steps in recovering from a systemic candida infection:

Step 1: You need to stop feeding the yeast by beginning a Candida diet.

Step 2: You need to kill the Candida with natural antifungals.

Step 3: You need to repopulate your gut with good bacteria and build your immune system so that the systemic candida infection can't return.

So let me go over the steps in a little more detail.

Step One: Stop feeding the Yeast (Diet Change!)
There are two diets you can choose from: the Candida Diet or the Body Ecology Diet (BED).

Here is a quick run-down of the major differences between the two diets. They each vary a tiny bit, but are mostly the same: Gluten-free, casein(dairy)-free, sugar-free (all sweeteners are off-limits, but there are some alternatives allowed depending on which diet you choose), and no fruit or alcohol is allowed. Sounds awful, right? It's not that bad once you see how good you will feel, I promise!

The BED allows you to eat cranberries, black currants, and lemons. The Candida diet allows you to eat white grapefruit, cranberries, and minimal cooked berries. The BED allows you to use stevia and Lakanto as alternative sweeteners. The Candida diet allows you to use vegetable glycerin and minimal amounts of stevia as sweeteners.

The major difference is that the BED emphasizes eating live, cultured beverages and vegetables in order to repopulate the gut and "crowd out" the candida, while the Candida Diet does not allow fermented foods because they can irritate the symptoms of a person who is sensitive to yeast. For this reason, I would recommend starting with the Candida diet to get out of your misery. Once you have been in this place for awhile, and you have taken antifungals for a few months, you could switch over to the BED to help repopulate your gut.

Step Two: Kill the Candida!
This step is the easiest step in the way that you only have to take some pills, but the hardest because it will create awful symptoms as the candida dies off. Natural antifungals include:

Tea Tree oil (topically)
caprylic acid (Caprin)
aloe vera juice
green supplements (chlorella, wheat grass, spirulina)
bovine colostrum
The list goes on and on, but these are the most effective. The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook outlines each antifungal and how it works. It is fascinating. It also has some suggestions for reducing you die-off symptoms.

Step Three: Repopulate the Gut:
You can repopulate your gut and your body with good bacteria in several ways, but the best way to do it is to combine all of them. Probiotic pills, live cultured vegetables (homemade sauerkraut), culture beverages (coconut Kefir, yogurt, lacto-fermented beverages), and prebiotics are all essential. The Body Ecology Diet book talks a lot about culturing vegetables and beverages. You can find probiotics at your local health food store. Prebiotics are things that probiotics like to eat (green supperfood supplements, FOS, which usually comes with the probiotics in the pill, and others).

I have only tried the Candida diet. I am on the diet right now and it's not bad. Last summer when I went on this diet it took me out of my symptoms within a month. I have never tried the BED, so I can't say whether it is effective for RA or not. But it is powerful enough to recover kids with autism. Anyway, you will feel much better no matter which diet you try. The candida diet is outlined very successfully in this book: The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook by Jeanne Marie Martin. There is a less comprehensive guide in this book: The Yeast Connection by Dr. Crook. Or, you can go with The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.

Ok, that was my super-quick Candida Recovery Plan outline! There is so much more information to give you, but the books do a much better job. That is why I am giving away a copy of The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook tomorrow! Come back for your chance to win it!

I also plan on posting more candida diet recipes in the near future, since I am on the diet right now. I also know that it is a difficult time of year to start a new diet, so maybe you can just learn about it now, and plan to start after New Years if that is easier for you.

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